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By: Emma Yarlett

Published: March 24, 2015

Publisher: Templar Books – Candlewick Press


Orion is scared of lots of things, but mostly he is scared of the dark. Every night at bedtime, he dreads going to bed and being in the dark. Even though as a kid, I don’t remember being scared of the dark, I totally understand Orion hearing all kinds of noises that seem amplified once the house is dark and quiet.

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Orion hears all kinds of noises in the dark which only make him more and more scared. Is there a monster under his bed, in his closet, or outside his window? Orion can’t fall asleep until one night when he has a visit from Dark. Dark shows him the joy of nighttime and convinces him that being in the dark isn’t so bad.

Orion and the Dark page spread 2

Unique illustrations, die-cut pages, and doodled fonts make the pages exciting to look at. Kids will relate to Orion’s fears and parents will love his imaginative way of dealing with the bedtime scaries. Yarlett is an admitted doodler and the illustrations show her kid-like way to carry out her thoughts. I especially loved how she made Orion a doodler in the story.

You might wonder why I’m sharing a book from 2015 with you and I have a great reason. Beginning today, the Orion and the Dark movie is now available on Netflix. This 90-minute animated film shares the story of Orion, a boy with an active imagination, as he faces his fears on an unforgettable journey through the night with his new friend: a giant, smiling creature named Dark. Some recognizable voices include Angela Bassett as Sweet Dreams and Colin Hanks as Adult Orion. Jacob Trembly voices Orion and you might know his voice as Luca in Disney Pixar’s Luca. He also played Auggie in Wonder and Jack in Room.

Check out the movie trailer, available TODAY on Netflix:

Emma Yarlett is an award-winning author, illustrator, and typographer based in Falmouth, UK. From her studio by the sea, Emma works with international publishers, brands, festivals, and media to create her distinctive illustrations and stories.

Emma’s bestselling book series Nibbles has sold over 1.5 million books across five continents, won numerous awards and accolades, and has nibbled its way onto the bookshelves and imaginations of children across the world. Emma’s self-penned picture books Santa Post, Beast Feast, Dragon Post, Orion and the Dark, It’s Mine, Sidney Stella and the Moon, and Poppy Pickle have all achieved global success, won numerous awards and led to international book tours, touring theatrical plays and further adaption into other media across the world.

Emma studied illustration at Falmouth University and graduated with first-class honors in 2011. She began work on her first self-penned picture book Sidney, Stella and the Moon whilst still studying at university.

Emma lives in Falmouth, Cornwall with her artist husband Alex, daughter Beatrix, and puppy Coco.

To purchase a copy of ORION AND THE DARK, click HERE.

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