Bibliophily: The Love Of Books

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same book.
-Irving Stone


Summer Read-to-Learn: Green by Nicola Davies

July 10, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: How to Be Brave by Karl Newson

July 8, 2024

Book Review: The Last Twelve Miles by Erika Robuck

July 3, 2024

Books Added to My Shelves in June 2024

July 2, 2024

Children’s Book Review: Camouflage Mom by Sarah Hovorka

July 1, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: The Mighty Pollinators

June 28, 2024

Children’s Book Review: The Digger and the Dark by Joseph Keufler

June 25, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: Hello Hello Board Books

June 19, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: Books Make Good Friends Activity Book

June 18, 2024

Quick Lit: June 2024 Edition

June 17, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: Juneteenth Is

June 13, 2024

Book Review: Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade by Janet Skeslien Charles

June 11, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: Else B. in the Sea

June 7, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: How to Spacewalk

June 6, 2024

Books Added to My Shelves in May 2024

June 3, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: Ultimate Spotlight Home Construction

May 31, 2024

Children’s Book Review: Merfolk Village by Sabrina Makhsimova

May 30, 2024

Summer Read-to-Learn: The Soil in Jackie’s Garden

May 29, 2024

Book Review: College Girl, Missing by Shawn Cohen

May 28, 2024

Children’s Book Review: Do You Know? Farm by Camille Babeau

May 24, 2024

Children’s Book Review: Fatima Al-Fihri by Our Story Media

May 23, 2024

Children’s Book Review: On a Summer Night by Deborah Hopkinson

May 14, 2024

Book Review: The Backyard Bird Chronicles by Amy Tan

May 13, 2024

Books Added to My Shelves in April 2024

May 6, 2024

Children’s Book Review: You’ll Always Be My Chickadee by Kate Hosford

May 3, 2024


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