By: Eoin McLaughlin

Illustrated by: Robert Starling

Published: September 14, 2021

Publisher: Pavilion Children’s Books


A group of monsters take a deer, a rabbit, and a frog out for a nighttime stroll and try to scare them a bit before bedtime. Unfortunately, they just aren’t very scary monsters. They are more funny and cuddly.

This book is NOT a bedtime story.

It’s scary, strange, and rather gory.

Bedtime stories make you sleepy.

This book won’t.

It’s much too CREEPY.

With a rhyming scheme and some silly conversation, kids will realize this isn’t a scary story at all, but a silly one. The monsters try to scare their friends with a monster stew which ends up being scrumptious. They take them to a haunted house and a mouse just wants to get back to her knitting instead of doing any scaring.

Eventually, they all return back to the bedroom where many of the monsters are already falling asleep. Even deer, rabbit, and frog agree that scary monsters need some sleep.

This is a fun read-aloud even if it isn’t read at bedtime, but it is definitely one that should be added to your bedtime reading. It is just silly enough, not scary at all, and encourages a few yawns at the end to get kids ready to be tucked in. The illustrations are super adorable with bright colors on thick paper to hold up to young readers. This is a must-read for toddlers and preschoolers in your house.

Eoin McLaughlin was born in Ireland and lives in London. He has written several books, including Secret Agent Elephant and The Hug.

Robert Starling was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2018 for his debut book, Fergal is Fuming. He lives in Norwich, UK

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