By: Marianna Coppo

Published: March 14, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


Have you ever gone to bed and then couldn’t sleep because you started thinking about all the things…what if our flight gets canceled, will my son make new friends, can I pay the mortgage this month? Even though those are much bigger worries than what is featured in this new children’s book, I think parents and kids will be able to relate to Fish and find that sometimes it is easier to just get all the worries out and THEN go to sleep.

Fish and Crab and their friends Snail, Frog, Oyster, and Starfish all live in the aquarium. When nighttime arrives they all crawl into bed and tell each other good night. Then the lights go off and everyone goes to sleep…except Fish. Fish suddenly starts to worry and asks Crab if he is still awake. Crab listens to Fish and his many concerns but eventually tells Crab it is time to go to sleep. Then, guess what happens? Crab can’t get to sleep and Fish is off to dreamland.

This simple story handles a common topic with children in a realistic and fun way. The author uses illustrations of colorful aquatic life alongside greyscale to show that it is time to sleep. I think parents and kids alike will relate to this story.

Marianna Coppo is the author-illustrator of Such a Good Boy and A Brave Cat. She studied editorial illustration at Mimaster in Milan, Italy, and she lives in Rome.

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