Children’s Book Review: Pug & Pig and Friends by Sue Lowell Gallion

Pug and Pig and their friends like teach kids that it is okay to like different things and still be friends.
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Book Review: Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter

Charlotte takes a leap of faith and leaves her mundane life in England to visit her best friend in Cambodia and her life is forever changed.
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Children’s Book Week 2021: Hudson and Tallulah Take Sides by Anna Kang

A dog and cat can be neighbors but can they also be friends? Even through their differences, they find something they both like and maybe find joy in a friendship.
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Children’s Book Review: Can I Sit with You? by Sarah Jacoby

A young girl grows up along with her dog, who is always there, waiting for her...loyal and true.
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Children’s Book Review: Julius and Macy by Annelouise Mahoney – Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Two night-time friends set out on a mission to find the Night Goblin who stole their snacks. They are surprised who they find!
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Children’s Book Review: Alone! by Barry Falls

Billy McGill likes to be alone in his house on the hill. Until one day he hears a noise and nothing is ever the same in his tiny house on the hill again.
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Children’s Book Review: Little Cat Feels Left Out by Dori Durbin

Little Cat and Dog are the best of friends until Mr. Fuzzby tries to take Little Cat's place. Can two friends become three in their friendship?
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Children’s Book Review: Scooper and Dumper by Lindsay Ward

SCOOPER AND DUMPER are the best of friends and work together to help their town. When a snowstorm hits and Dumper doesn't return, Scooper will have to be brave and head out to find Dumper.
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Children’s Book Review: School by Britta Teckentrup

A peek behind the scenes in the day of some students' lives at school. Some are bullied, some are struggling to fit in, and others just want to be a friend.
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Books that Came My Way in July 2020

A roundup of all the books that were added to my shelves in July 2020 including fiction, nonfiction, and children's books.
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Stacie's read-in-2021 book montage

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