Simon Says Good Night cover


By: Orit Bergman

Translated by: Annette Appel

Published: December 1, 2023

Publisher: Amazon Crossing Kids


After Dad tucks Simon into bed and his door closes, Simon is ready to play. He gathers up his toys for a quick game of Simon Says. As Simon’s imagination runs free, his toys better be sure he says, “Simon Says” or he will say “Good Night”.

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This children’s book written by an Israeli author and illustrator has now been translated into English. Simon is a typical kid who isn’t ready for bedtime. So, once he has been tucked into bed, he decides there is still a bit of time left for some pretend play with his toys.

Simon imagines a game of Simon Says with his toys and if they mess up and do a command without the “Simon Says” they are out and have to go to bed. Eventually, the only one left to play is Simon and even he misses a command and is resigned to the fact that it’s finally time for bed.

The translation is smooth and the illustrations have the look of a classic story from my childhood. If you have a child who loves to play with a vivid imagination or struggles with bedtime, try adding this story to your nighttime reading lineup.

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Orit Bergman is an Israeli author and illustrator. She was born in Jerusalem and lives and works in Kerem Maharal, Israel. She writes and illustrates children’s books, adapts her stories for the theater, and frequently meets children across the country. Her books have been published in Israel, France, China, and the United States. She studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, where she now heads the illustration-studies department. Learn more about the author at

Annette Appel is a translator of books for young readers and truly enjoys the challenge of making stories written in Hebrew accessible to English speakers. She recently translated Bear and Fred: A World War II Story, by Iris Argaman and illustrated by Avi Ofer. Annette grew up in Oak Park, Michigan, and now lives with her family on a kibbutz in northern Israel.

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