By: Britta Teckentrup

Published: May 10, 2022

Publisher: Prestel Junior


If there is a book about a hedgehog, you know I’m going to be reading it. I have a soft spot for hedgehogs since my parents had one as a pet for a while. They really are cute little animals. Britta Teckentrup is back with a parent-child story to remind us to slow down and appreciate the beauty in front of us.

Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog are out for a stroll in the woods and when the sun starts to set, it’s time to head home. But, along the way, Little Hedgehog stops to appreciate the beauty in the sunset, the brightness of the moon rising in the sky, the smell of the wildflowers, the twinkling of the fireflies, and the joy of counting all the stars. At first, Big Hedgehog is a bit irritated by the constant stopping, but by the end of the stroll, when Little Hedgehog has fallen asleep and they have arrived home much later than expected, Big Hedgehog realizes what a joy the evening has been with Little Hedgehog.

This story reminded me of our own daughter stopping me once as we were out and about. She said, “Mommy, do you smell that?” I stopped and inhaled. She said, “Mommy, it smells like rain is coming.” Indeed rain was coming and it reminded me to take those moments to stop and appreciate my surroundings.

The illustrations are soothing and the beauty of an evening stroll through the woods is clear on the pages. This larger hardcover is a delightful bedtime story for the child who wants to say goodnight to one more stuffed animal or give one more hug or say one more prayer. Take a moment to read this story to slow down and appreciate the beauty around you.

Britta Teckentrup was born in Germany and moved to England in 1988. She is the author and illustrator of many books for children. She now lives in Berlin with her husband and young son. For more information, check out her website, HERE. Check out all of Britta’s books I’ve reviewed, HERE.

To purchase a copy of BIG HEDGEHOG AND LITTLE HEDGEHOG TAKE AN EVENING STROLL, click the photo below:

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