Childrens Book Week November 2022

Children’s Book Week is celebrated twice a year, one week in May and one week in November. Kids everywhere can join in the fun of Children’s Book Week. The How Do You Book? Challenge asks young readers to explore what they read, how they read, and where they read. For more information about Children’s Book Week, click HERE. This week, I’ll be sharing several books in celebration of Children’s Book Week. Click HERE to see previous Children’s Book Week Posts.


By: Virginie Aracil

Published: September 13, 2022

Publisher: Twirl


This oversized interactive board book is all kinds of fun for toddlers to learn all about food. This is the sixth in the Mr. Bear series where he teaches colors, shapes, the alphabet, and numbers to our youngest readers. With vivid neon and bright colors, interactive features, large fonts, accurate illustrations, and maybe some silliness thrown in, toddlers will love reading and learning on the pages.

From Mr. Bear sneezing after taking a whiff of pepper on the seasonings page to teaching kids the word “pungent” by sharing sauerkraut, sardines, and strong cheeses this is a book that strays from the regular types of food kids learn about like apples and carrots and placing them in unique categories like Bland, Rich, Smoky, Favorite Foods, and Foods to Share.

The final page shares a popup of Mr. Bear with all kinds of food asking what do you want to eat today! If you have a child who is curious about food or maybe even a picky eater, you could take each page and ask them to choose one food item to try. Maybe a beet on the Sweet page or a green apple on the Soup page or a mushroom on the Umami page, using Mr. Bear as your cohort may just get your toddler to open up their food options.

To purchase a copy of MR. BEAR’S WORLD OF FOOD, click the photo below:

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