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Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures #10

By: Kevin Lovegreen

Illustrated by: Margarita Sikorskaia

Published: November 26, 2018

Publisher: Lucky Luke LLC


Kids that love the outdoors and hunting are pretty common in our area. I remember my dad finally allowing me to join him on his hunting adventure. I remember sitting quietly in the woods and waiting for raccoons to come out to explore. I’m glad I went, but it wasn’t my favorite thing. Several of my nieces and nephews hunt for deer, turkey, pheasants, and even bears. Here in Iowa, there is a deer season to help control the deer population. In Minnesota, there is a bear hunting season for the same reason. This story shares Luke’s hunting adventure with his dad to catch his first bear.

Fall in Minnesota is bear hunting season. Filling up barrels with bait and waiting in your stand for the bear to visit can take days. Luke and his dad set up a trail camera to check for visits. Sometimes they will spot raccoons or deer on the trail camera, but recently they have spotted a mama bear and her cubs. A bear with cubs is not available for hunting, so they are waiting for that bear that seems to be leaving big footprints around the area.

As the big hunting weekend arrives, Luke and his dad and Megan and her dad head out to the cabin for the weekend. They check the cameras, note the times, set up, and wait. Will the bear return to the bait barrel or will they have to wait another year to catch the big bear? Or are there two big bears in the area?

This is an approachable chapter book with a few pictures to keep kids engaged. Some of the pictures are illustrations, but the author has also included actual photos of hunting experiences with his children. There is a good build-up to the end of the hunting excursion. The author also makes sure to include hunting safety embedded in the story. Kids who are new to hunting or may be interested in trying it out should try out this Hunting Adventure series.

Kevin Lovegreen was born, raised, and lives in Minnesota with his loving wife and two amazing children. Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors have always been a big part of his life. From chasing squirrels as a child to chasing elk as an adult, Kevin loves the thrill of hunting. But even more, he loves telling the stories of the adventure. Presenting at schools and connecting with kids about the outdoors is one of his favorite things to do. See all of Kevin’s books, HERE.

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