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By: Xavier Deneux

Published: September 13, 2022

Publisher: Twirl

Non-Fiction Board Book

Some might think turkeys are big animals. They are certainly bigger than chickens or ducks, but they aren’t the biggest animal. What could be bigger than a turkey? A bear. But, what is bigger than a bear? A walrus. What is bigger than a walrus?

hippo in big bigger biggest

In this interactive, oversized board book, kids will learn about big, bigger, and even the biggest animal on Earth. With some lift-the-flaps and a page to open up wide, kids will also earn the foods these big animals eat. Kids will be surprised to learn the biggest animal eats some of the smallest food.

With simple illustrations and bold colors, young children will naturally be drawn to the pages. They will enjoy opening the hippo’s mouth and peeling a banana as well as opening the pages to reveal the largest animal of all. After reading you can find things in your house to compare the big, bigger, and biggest with.

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