AUDREY L & AUDREY W: Best Friends-ish

By: Carter Higgins

Illustrated by: Jennifer K. Mann

Published: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Chronicle Kids

Juvenile Fiction

Audrey was super excited to start second grade. She is in Ms. Fincastle’s class and is excited about all that second grade has to offer. When she finds out that her classroom job is the Welcome Ambassador, she can’t imagine who she will be welcoming to their Beluga table and what they would possibly have in common. The most surprising news to Audrey was that she is no longer the only Audrey in the classroom, the new student to welcome is also named Audrey.

Once Audrey gets over the shock of now being called Audrey L and getting to know Audrey W a little bit, she takes on her role as Welcome Ambassador very seriously and finds that the two Audreys are quite spectacular together. From Audrey’s family pizza nights and all the exciting fun things about second grade like Science Surprise Day Audrey starts to think being a second-grader is pretty great. When a mishap happens during a friendship baking day with the two Audreys, readers will wonder if the two will be able to continue being best friends.

This chapter book is great for kids looking for chapter books that are a bit longer than the early ones they started reading. There are still illustrations sprinkled throughout the chapters to hold their attention when there are more words to read.

If you have a child entering second grade this fall and are maybe feeling apprehensive about making friends, this would make a great summer reading gift.

AUDREY L & AUDREY W: True Creative Talents

Book 2

By: Carter Higgins

Illustrated by: Jennifer K. Mann

Published: October 11, 2022

Publisher: Chronicle Kids

Juvenile Fiction

Picking right off where Book One in the Audrey L & Audrey W series left off, we are in November of the two Audreys’ second-grade year. As promised, Ms. Fincastle has changed their jobs and Audrey L is no longer the Welcome Ambassador when she welcomed their new classmate and her new best friend, Audrey W. She is now the Computer Technician. But, it wasn’t just the jobs that had changed, their table grouping had also changed. The two Audreys are no longer at the same table and now their tables are named after various rocks from science class. Audrey L is worried because now Audrey W is at a new table where she can make new friends and forget about Audrey L.

Even though it has been years since I was in second grade, I can still remember those insecurities and the need to be someone’s BEST friend. Audrey L is worried that Audrey W will find a new friend that she will like better than her. Due to those jealous feelings, Audrey L makes some mistakes and hurts feelings. During an earthquake drill, Bettina gets scared and Audrey L reaches out to help her. Can she also be friends with Bettina and still be friends with Audrey W?

Since this is a series, I do need to say that it will be helpful if you read the books in order. Meeting all the classmates in the first book will help readers understand the relationships in the second book. This book also includes illustrations and short chapters to keep readers engaged. There is some friendship drama built up in this story that will help keep young readers turning the pages as well as give them positive ways to handle friendship disappointments and mistakes.

I reached out to Carter Higgins and even though there isn’t a third book planned for the series, both books are available as an audiobook for kids that like that format.

Carter Higgins is the author of many books for kids and the illustrator of one! She is Emmy-winning visual effects and motion graphics artist and spent a decade as an elementary school librarian. She lives in Las Vegas. Check out her website, HERE.

Jennifer K. Mann lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest where she tends chickens, dogs, cats, and her kids and husband, when they aren’t tending her. Jennifer draws many of her ideas from her own life experiences, or those of her children—and yes, some of her characters are quite autobiographical. Check out her website, HERE.

To purchase copies of the AUDREY L & AUDREY W series, click the photos below:

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