Book 2

By: Alice Kuipers

Illustrated by: Diana Toledano

Published: March 29, 2022

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Polly loves words. When she finds a new word, she likes to add it to her notebook. But, her notebook isn’t just any notebook, it’s a magical notebook that she has named Spell. When she writes about things in her notebook, they tend to come true.

Polly has a huge imagination and loves to read. Because she loves to read she is super excited about the upcoming school book fair. At the book fair, she imagines all kinds of wild things happening and decides to write them in Spell to see if they come true. What Polly doesn’t realize is that some of the things she writes just might get out of hand and she will have to find a way to fix everything before there are life-altering changes.

Since Polly loves words, she teaches readers all kinds of fun words as well as made-up words. She also talks about types of words like adjectives and palindromes. This early chapter book also includes lots of illustrations to help encourage kids to move on from picture books to chapter books.

Polly has a fun imagination and her love of books is contagious. She even shares a list of her favorite books at the end for kids to add to their own reading list. Elementary-aged readers will find Polly and her adventurous imagination fun to read about.

Alice Kuipers is the author of 13 books for young adults and children. Her books have been published in 34 countries and have won lots of awards. Born in London, she now lives in Canada with her partner, the author Yann Martel; their four children; and their dog, Bamboo. Alice has writing tips and ideas for budding writers on her website, including a free course for young writers. Come and find her at www.alicekuipers.com.

Diana Toledano’s name is pronounced Deanna because she is from Spain. Like Polly, she has curly hair and wears glasses. She grew up in Madrid, where she studied art and art history. In addition to working as an illustrator, she teaches workshops. She lives in Sacramento, California, with her husband, daughter, and two fluffy cats. Learn more about her at www.diana-toledano.com.

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