By: Garret Weyr

Illustrations by: Minnie Phan

Published: April 19, 2022

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


Harvey is a stray, orphaned, city cat. He roams the streets of the city looking for food and shelter but is wary of humans, dogs, and other cats. Harvey learned as much as he could from his mom and siblings before he was sent off to fend for himself in the city.

Harvey is desperately hungry and each time he comes across a dumpster, it’s already being guarded by another cat, a rat, or a dog. Harvey doesn’t feel very brave and never fights back. Instead, he just keeps walking, looking out for boys that like to grab tails or fast cars that will make him go SPLAT! If he is lucky he will see the lady in the blue shirt at his favorite bakery. She always has some food for him.

As Harvey continues to struggle through the elements and hunger, he also has to learn about trust, friendship, and being brave. Kids will be able to identify with Harvey as he shares his fears and inadequacies. They will understand his inability to trust and make friends.

Cat lovers will appreciate Harvey’s characteristics and behaviors when it comes to eating and being welcoming to humans. Readers will learn from Harvey’s experiences and conversations with the birds, dogs, and cats and how he wishes he could communicate with humans. If we could imagine the conversations our pets would have, Harvey’s would be pretty close.

Harvey the cat gives humans a perspective on the homeless and encourages readers to be more understanding and forgiving of those who are less fortunate. Even though we can’t take in every stray cat in our neighborhood, we can maybe put out a plate of food once in a while to offer some kindness. Harvey has a heart of gold and thankfully his kindness is rewarded by finding a forever home. If you are considering finding a pet, be sure to check out your local shelter to offer a forever home.

Garret Weyr is the author of six novels, some of which have been banned, translated into a multitude of languages, and/or included in college curricula. She grew up in New York City and has an MFA from New York University. She now lives in Venice, California, with lots of books and too many teacups.

Minnie Phan is an illustrator based in Oakland, California. She is passionate about storytelling and inclusive image-making. With a unique focus on diversity, her work ranges from editorial illustrations to comics, animation, and posters. When she isn’t illustrating, she teaches Bay Area youth how to create comics; plays with her adopted bunny, Momo; and advocates for safer streets for bicyclists—and cats.

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