Life in the Doghouse #4

By: Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta and Crystal Velasquez

Illustrated by: Laura Catrinella

Published: February 7, 2023

Publisher: Aladdin

Middle-Grade Fiction

Based on real-life shelter animals, the authors have created a chapter book series sharing their love for shelter pets and the families that have rescued them. The fourth book in this series focuses on a dog and a cat, both with only 3 legs, that have to learn to get along while also preparing for a new member of the family.

Finn was recently adopted by the Figueroa family. Christina is due to have baby Brendan very soon and nine-year-old Alyssa isn’t too excited about giving up her playroom for the impending arrival of her baby brother. Rusty the cat has been part of the family for a while and due to an accident, has only three legs. His role as the favorite family pet is about to be challenged by the family’s new rescue, Finn, a three-legged dog.

Finn is a very friendly dog and takes to Alyssa right away, but needs some help adjusting to having only three legs. Finn is super excited to notice that Rusty the cat also only has three legs, but Rusty doesn’t feel the same way about Finn. Finn tries numerous times to be friendly to Rusty only to be rebuffed because Rusty’s fur has been a bit ruffled by Finn’s arrival and all the attention he is taking from Alyssa.

After a few destructive incidents, Rusty and Finn decide it would be easier to be friends rather than enemies. Rusty has a plan to help Finn adjust to having only three legs while also realizing they can both be Alyssa’s favorite pet. With lots of lessons and teamwork, kids will find Finn and Rusty to be relatable when their feelings are hurt or when they are trying to work toward a goal.

Authors Danny and Robert feel very passionate about helping rescue cats and dogs and even horses. Their home has been turned into a shelter for pets and they were even featured in a documentary titled, Life in the Doghouse, available on Amazon Prime. Pet lovers will love this series that focuses on dogs and the families that love them.

To learn more about the authors’ rescue organization or to download activity pages, click HERE.

To purchase a copy of FINN AND THE FELINE FRENEMY and the LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE series, click the photos below:

Check out the authors’ story of starting their rescue organization:

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