By: Marie Boyd

Published: March 14, 2023

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

No one wants to be called “just” something, even a worm. When Worm heads out to explore, he overhears the children exclaim, “Ew! It’s just a worm.” Worm takes offense and decides to find out all the things that make him unique. Along the way, Worm learns all the unique qualities his friends have as well.

From the caterpillar to the butterfly to the spider to the dragonfly, Worm hears all about their special talents like flying, making a silky web, and eating insects. Worm starts to wonder if he really does anything special. After meeting a ladybug, a bee, and a snail, Worm starts to realize even though he doesn’t do the things his friends do, he can do important things. He realizes eating dead animals and plants helps to keep the garden clean and wiggling and digging into the dirt to make holes in the soil helps the plants get air and water.

Worm is pretty proud to realize that even though he is “just a worm”, he is something pretty special and important. The illustrations are quite unique and include the author’s own quilling. The photos of the quilled flowers almost seem three-dimensional. I’ve never seen such beautiful quilling and it truly pops on the pages.

Along with learning about worms, kids will learn about all the other insects and their important roles in the environment. The end of the book explains how to make your own quilled butterfly and also shares a few more earthworm facts. The next time it rains or the next time you visit your garden, see if you can spot a worm and some of the other insects doing their important jobs.

Check out this interview with author, Marie Boyd:

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Marie Boyd studied chemistry in college and is a law professor. An expert in cosmetics and food regulation, she loves spending time outside, whipping up new creations in the kitchen, and—of course—quilling! Just a Worm is her first book for children. Marie Boyd lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her family. To learn more, visit her website: marieboyd.com.

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