Three Stories About Two Friends

By: Tina Kugler

Published: September 24, 2019

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers


This is the third in a series of books about best friends Snail and Worm. Kugler won the Geisel Award for the second book in the series, SNAIL & WORM AGAIN.

Through three short stories, we spend time with Snail and his best friend Worm. Kids will love their sweet friendship and giggle at the silliness between these two friends.

In “Best Day Ever”, Snail has had a rough day. He broke his toy, bumped his shell, and lost his shoes. But, Snail isn’t focusing on the bad things that had happened, instead, he is anxious to tell Worm about everyone else’s best day like Frog learning how to blow bubbles. Worm is impressed that Snail can ignore his difficulties and instead find the bright side of the day. It ends with a funny quip from Snail that is sure to make kids laugh. This lesson on finding the good in each and every day is such a great way for kids to share about their day.

In “The Spooky Cave”, what appears to be a dark spooky cave is really a….dragon? What Snail thinks is a scary dragon is really a turtle. Snail is so scared he doesn’t realize there is really nothing to be afraid of. This lesson teaches about overreacting and judging something or someone before getting to know them.

“A Bedtime Story” is perfect for kids who tend to “overthink” right at bedtime. Snail is anxious and is worried he won’t be able to sleep. So, Worm decides to tell him a bedtime story to help him calm down. In true “overthinking” fashion, Snail panics about the story until he realizes Worm really is a good friend and told him a great story about their friendship.

All three of these stories send such great messages for kids, but these messages are also just as important for adults. Snail and Worm are great friends and their stories are sweet celebrations of their everyday lives.

The illustrations are bold, yet simple. Snail and Worm are not overly illustrated, as they are already pretty basic invertebrates, they don’t need a lot of detail. But, you can totally understand their feelings through the expressions on the page. You can see Snail’s joy, Worm’s shock, Snail’s fear, and Worm’s love for his friend just through their eyes and mouths.

I highly recommend this book and series for preschool to elementary-aged children. They share a positive message of friendship and life lessons for kids without them realizing it.

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