By: Dori Durbin

Published: March 2, 2021

Publisher: Little Cat Press


It can be hard when your best friend finds another friend. Suddenly the twosome is now a threesome and someone usually feels left out. I totally remember how this feels as there were three of us cousins all the same age growing up and it seemed one of us always felt left out.

Little Cat and Dog are the best of friends until one day, Little Cat sees Dog having a blast with his stuffed friend, Mr. Fuzzby. She even hears Dog say, “Mr. Fuzzby, you’re my best friend!” This crushes Little Cat.

While Dog is taking a nap with Mr. Fuzzby, Little Cat decides to give Mr. Fuzzby a try and play with him too and see what all the excitement is about. Little Cat realizes that Mr. Fuzzby can be a great friend to her too. Now she just has to convince Dog that they can all be friends.

I love how this realistic situation is simplified for kids to understand. Kids will be able to relate to Little Cat and the feeling of being left out. Kids will also learn strategies that they can take back to their playgroups for how to make sure everyone feels like they can play and have fun together.

For a self-taught illustrator, I found the illustrations to be engaging and show emotions of sadness and joy. The large words on the pages will be fun for early readers to join in and read along.

Every kid will be able to see themselves in Little Cat or in Dog and will want to try harder to be a better friend.

Dori Durbin is an author and self-taught illustrator. She grew up and lives in Michigan with her husband Tom, their children, Isaac and Olivia, an old Great Dane dog, and many cats. You can find out more by visiting her website HERE.

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