Children’s Book Review: Where’s Brian’s Bottom by Rob Jones

A silly, interactive, and fun board book for kids to find Brian, the dachshund's, bottom. It also includes learning about rooms in the house and sounds animals make.
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Children’s Book Review: Cat & Dog A Tale of Opposites by Tullio Corda

Cat & Dog A Tale of Opposites offers minimal words but a whole adventurous day between a cat and dog in opposite fashion.
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Children’s Book Review: Doggy Defenders Series – Summer Read-to-Learn

The Doggy Defender Series written for young readers features hardworking dogs working every day to save lives or bring joy to others.
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Children’s Book Review: There’s a Pooker on My Pillow by Harry Higinbotham

A rescue dog's story of finding a new family to love.
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Children’s Book Week 2021: Hudson and Tallulah Take Sides by Anna Kang

A dog and cat can be neighbors but can they also be friends? Even through their differences, they find something they both like and maybe find joy in a friendship.
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Children’s Book Review: Can I Sit with You? by Sarah Jacoby

A young girl grows up along with her dog, who is always there, waiting for her...loyal and true.
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Children’s Book Review: Little Cat Feels Left Out by Dori Durbin

Little Cat and Dog are the best of friends until Mr. Fuzzby tries to take Little Cat's place. Can two friends become three in their friendship?
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#NonFicNov – Pounce and Fetch from National Geographic Children’s Books

Training cats and dogs can be fun for for the whole family and help teach patience, firmness, and kindness. Make kids part of the process with these books.
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Books that Came My Way in August 2020

My monthly roundup of books added to my shelves including adult and children's fiction and nonfiction.
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Children’s Book Review: That Dog! by Emma Lazell

Penny and Pat want THAT DOG but they might just be outsmarted by him instead! A fun read aloud!
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