A Veeeerrrrry Long Fold-Out Book

By: Rob Jones

Published: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Pavilion Children’s Books


This board book unfolds to a story of trying to find the bottom to Brian, the dachshund dog, aka sausage or wiener dog. Brian’s body is so long that it stretches across the whole house. Young readers can open up and fold out all the pages to see how long Brian’s body is and where his bottom might be.

When all the pages are unfolded, the book is nearly eight feet long. On one side, there are only pictures of Brian in his house with other friends including a parrot, a turtle, some mice and ducks, and a cat. His bottom is on one end and his head is on the other end of the book. Unfold the book the other way and there is the story with words asking, “Where is Brian’s bottom?”.

Readers are taken through the rooms of the house including the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and eventually the bedroom looking for Brian’s bottom. I can already imagine kids giggling when the bathroom page asks, “Has it been on the toilet?”.

Rob Jones used lots of bright colors and created cute animal friends. The pages are a thick, heavy, and glossy paper that will withstand lots of folding and unfolding by toddlers. Besides looking for Brian’s bottom, you can also have your child find other things in the house like a banana, a spider, or a sock. Kids can flip the book over and tell their own story on the side without words. The animal friends respond with their respective sounds as well which will teach kids the specific sounds like the sound a duck or mouse makes.

This is a silly, interactive, and fun board book for toddlers. I’m sure it would be a regular one chosen for reading time from the book basket.

Rob Jones studied illustration at the University of Gloucestershire, UK, where he also discovered a love for making books, toys, and puppets. His first book, Bernard, won the People’s Book Prize in 2014.

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