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Children’s Book Review: Mister Fairy by Morgane de Cadier

Mister Fairy feels like he is the only fairy without a special talent. What he finds is he may have the most special talent of all.
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Children’s Book Review: Between the Lines by Lindsay Ward

A young boy looks between the lines for the missing colors in his community. He misses the laughter and smiles from others so he sets out to get them and the colors back.
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Book Review: The Woman They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore

The detailed account of Elizabeth Packard being committed to an asylum in 1860 by her husband for being intelligent and outspoken. Without her perseverance and resilience, women today would live much different lives.
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Children’s Book Review: He Came with the Couch by David Slonim

A family sets off to find a couch and instead find someone that becomes much more important than a couch.
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Children’s Book Review: When I See Red and Mr. Lion’s New Hair! by Britta Teckentrup

Two new books by Britta Teckentrup including a picture book on emotions and a silly board book reminding kids to just be themselves.
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Children’s Book Review: The Collectors by Alice Feagan

Winslow and Rosie are looking for one more special item to add to their nature collection. Go along as they search high and low for something extraordinary.
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Children’s Book Review: AstroNuts Mission Three – The Perfect Planet by Jon Scieszka

Four hybridized animals are on their final mission to save the planet. This graphic novel offers fun and learning for middle-grade readers.
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Children’s Book Review: Over and Under the Canyon by Kate Messner

A young family goes on a camping trip in the desert canyon. On a hike, a boy and his mom come across all kinds of wildlife living and surviving in the desert canyon.
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Children’s Book Review: The Ultimate Book of Animals by Anne-Sophie Baumann

The Ultimate Book of Animals is truly the must-have book on learning and about how all animals grow, eat, see, hear, move, and breathe. Kids will love the interactive features on every page.
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Children’s Book Review: Ultimate Spotlight Polar Animals by Sandra Laboucarie

Polar Animals gives the spotlight to animals in the North and South Poles. Interactive features allow kids to read and engage in the learning on the pages.
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