Incredible Stars of the Plant World cover


By: Benjamin Flouw

Published: February 20, 2024

Publisher: Twirl


In his introduction to the book, INCREDIBLE: STARS OF THE PLANT WORLD, Flouw writes about how we often show a brown rectangle with a green cloud when we draw trees (guilty). However, there is a lot of diversity among trees, from sequoia to desert cacti to ginkgo, and they all look quite different. Flouw hopes to encourage readers to see how varied the plant world is. This large format book is similar to SPECTACULAR: MIRACLES OF NATURE which I featured last fall.

Flouw focuses on many of the record breakers in this book including the size, longevity, and strength of plants and what makes them unique. From giant trees to prickly plants to huge leaves to fast growers and those who have enormous fruit or exceptional flowers, there are all kinds of amazing plants featured here. These plants are found all over the world. He also begins with a glossary of terms so kids are sure to understand the particulars of each plant. Words like photosynthesis, pollination, conifer, and succulent are some of the terms featured in the book.

Did you know that the Ginkgo tree is one of the most ancient species of trees to still live on this earth? It continues to be cultivated and grown all over the world. The Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world, growing in Indonesia. It only blooms once every nine months staying open for five days. If you ever have the chance to smell its bloom, don’t…it has a stinky odor.

Many of the trees and plants featured in this book were new to me. The plant world is wide and varied, but many of them are in danger, so it is important to care for the plants in our own communities to make sure they are here for many years to come. So many animals also use them for shelter and protection or food, so maintaining these habitats is crucial to their survival as well. The end of the book includes a map of the world and where the plants featured in the book can be found.

Benjamin Flouw is an author and illustrator of many children’s books. He lives in Marseille, France

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