Spectacular Miracles of Nature


By: Philippe Nessmann

Illustrated by: Alex Asfour

Published: September 19, 2023

Publisher: Twirl


The Earth is full of fascinating and beautiful miracles of nature. Some of these natural phenomena can be explained while others are a mystery. Overall, these beautiful places are rare and spectacular.

Spectacular Miracles of Nature page spread

From rivers, waterfalls, and oceans to mountains and deserts, there are numerous miracles to see all around the world. The pink color of Lake Hillier in Australia provides necessary nutrients that allow the flamingos to stay pink thanks to the algae that is eaten by the shrimp that is eaten by the flamingos. Without it, flamingos would be grey.

I still have yet to see an Aurora Borealis but there are all kinds of light shows that can be seen including Light Pillars, a Rainbow Cloud, False Suns, and Shooting Stars. Even a lightning storm can be an amazing light show.

This oversized book with thick pages shares illustrations of all kinds of beautiful places around the world. Each category offers brief paragraphs to explain where the miracle is located as well as why it happens. The section on mysterious phenomena offers clues to these scientific miracles, but they are still a mystery. The end of the book includes a map with location dots so kids can see which ones are in the United States and other locations around the world, including Jaws, a monstrous wave off the northern coast of Hawaii.

There are all kinds of miracles to be seen in this world formed by weather, glaciers, atmospheric conditions, or mysterious reasons, but they are certainly sites to see and preserve for generations to come. Add this book to your homeschool curriculum or get a copy for your child’s classroom library.

Inside pages of Spectacular Miracles of Nature

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