Review Policy/Contact Info

I am willing to offer Book and/or Product Reviews on my blog.  The first requirement is that it has to be something I would actually read or be a product our family would use.  If I am not interested in the book or product, I will not read/review it.  Time is short and I’m not going to waste it on something I am just not interested in.

I can usually offer a one month time period from receipt of an item to review.  This can be adapted as needed, but my schedule is pretty tight and finding time can be difficult. This blog is just an addition to my already full life. My real life keeps getting busier with teenagers and my real job, so blogging and reviewing comes in during my other work time. Every book I receive is given a spotlight at the beginning of every month, that way if the review is further down the road, I have still mentioned it to my readers.

I review Children’s Books/Middle-Grade/YA books every Friday on the blog as well as other times throughout the week. When possible I also review cookbooks and feature them as part of a weekend link up as well.

I review many products including but not limited to clothing, fitness items, household items, cooking/baking items, tools, and health products.  In addition, I am pretty open to most books, however, I typically DO NOT READ paranormal, horror, erotica, or science fiction types of books. I will read/review children’s, YA, fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction books.  I will also review eBooks, hardcover, paperback or audiobooks.  If I receive an actual book, I typically donate them to our local library once I am finished.

If I am asked to review, you can request a review date or know that I will post the review as soon as possible and send you the link.  I receive reviews on a daily basis from authors, publishers, publicists, and promoters.  Reading is a hobby and some days I don’t have any time to get some reading in.  If I have committed to a review date and it will be late, I will let you know.

My reviews are also frequently published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Sunday Edition, in the Insights and Books section.  This is another way for your book to get some exposure.  I am compensated for these reviews that are published in the Gazette. But, it is not my choice what gets printed and what doesn’t. HERE is one example of my Gazette articles.

My ratings are pretty simple:
5 Stars = I Loved it! Rush out and get your copy now!
4 Stars = I Liked it a lot and I think most people would too.
3 Stars = It was ok. It held my attention through most of the book and had some good points.
2 Stars = I finished it, but only because I had to.  Didn’t hold my interest.
1 Star = Didn’t finish it and don’t plan to.  Not my kind of book.

At the end of most reviews, I offer a way to purchase the book through an Amazon link.  This is the only way I get compensated for my time and efforts on my blog.  If you like the book, please click the link and order through Amazon.  I will get a small (minuscule) kickback to go towards my book buying habit. I promote all my reviews on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and Litsy (for books) on the day the review is live on my blog. I also participate in several blogger link-ups depending on the type of product I am reviewing to offer more exposure for your product.

Thank you for having me review your product/book and for reading my blog.  All inquiries should go to  I have the right to refuse to review any product/book that I believe doesn’t fit my blog criteria, even after I have received the product or book.

****I also do not allow others to write posts on my blog.**** This blog is my voice and I will decide what is said and published. If you would like something promoted, you may approach me in the same way as a product or book review and I may consider writing my OWN article for you. Articles that involve research on my part prior to being written are charged $100 through PayPal.

Thanks for your interest in