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Empowering Right Now Women in a Culture of Distraction

By: Julie Lefebure

Published: October 17, 2023

Publisher: Julie Lefebure


5 stars

My sister-in-law has written a book!! I’m coming clean right up front and I am super excited to share this book with you. I have watched Julie dream of writing a book for years. She has worked very hard to bring women inspiration and to live life less distracted. I was lucky to be able to be part of Julie’s writing journey and I can honestly say this book will bless you.

If I kept track of all the ways I was distracted during my day, I think it would number in the hundreds. From a phone notification to a pet needing to go outside to a child needing a snack to a co-worker stopping by for a chat, our days are filled with distraction no matter if you work from home, stay at home with your kids, work outside the home, or are retired. But, our lives are not made for living distracted. We can miss the joy of a sunset, a butterfly stopping by for a bit of nectar, or a smile on a baby’s face just by being distracted. Julie strives to teach all of us how to live in the moment because this moment, right now, is fleeting. This hour, this day, this year, and this life is the only one we have and we need to live it abundantly.

Julie shares personal stories of times she regrets being distracted and as moms and wives, we can all relate. Have you ever missed a special moment in your child’s life? Julie starts her book with a pivotal moment at her son’s soccer game that I think all sports moms will identify with. This moment propelled her to think about how distractions force us to miss out on the big and small moments of life and what we can do to both recognize and prevent distractions from taking over our lives.

With a Biblical approach, Julie shares verses to prove that God wants us to live distraction-free. He wants us to be present in this moment that He gave us. Are you rushing through your days? Do you struggle to stay focused on your current task? Is multi-taking the only way to get something done? If these sound like you, then Julie’s approach to managing tasks and handling distractions will be something you can apply to your daily routine. Every chapter ends with Julie’s 4 P’s approach that can be applied to what you have learned. Julie also offers tools to help you live undistracted. One of my favorites is the Brain Dump. At the beginning of every week and then every day, I write out all the tasks in my mind, the people I want to remember and pray for, and the things that are taking up space in my brain like a worry or a dream. I just write them all out. Then I can relax and focus on breaking down my to-do lists for the week. Everything filling my brain is now on paper and I don’t have to try to remember them all which frees up space for other things.

Another tool Julie mentions is writing down the things we are grateful for and praising God for the gift of each day. By doing this, we will naturally be more inclined to live in the moment. Julie shares the following verse in her book, and it’s one I have on my bathroom mirror to remind me that right now matters.

“Where you are right now is God’s place for you. Live and obey and love and believe right there. “

1 Corinthians 7:17, The Message

As someone who has juggled numerous responsibilities, it has been hard to live in the moment and not think about the next thing on my list. But, in RIGHT NOW MATTERS, Julie has shown me how God doesn’t want that kind of life for me. Julie’s tips taught me how to shut off the distractions and live in the moment because right now truly does matter.

Listen to Julie share a bit about her book below:

Julie Lefebure author

Julie Lefebure, speaker, writer, and host of the Encouragement for Real Life Podcast knows firsthand what it’s like to live distracted. She desires women to live abundant and joy-filled lives by embracing a “right now” mentality and presence in their everyday lives. Born, raised, and still living in rural Iowa, she is fond of sunrises and sunsets, time spent with family, and tandem bicycling with her husband. Find out more about Julie by visiting her website, HERE.

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