By: Britta Teckentrup

Published: September 7, 2021

Publisher: Prestel Junior


Does your child have trouble naming their feelings? Does their anger bubble up inside and have trouble making it to the surface or does their anger explode out all at once?

The girl in this story is angry, furious, seeing red, filled with rage, and more. Teckentrup uses dark shades of red, grey, and brown in her illustrations to convey the emotions felt by the girl on the page. Anger can be a difficult emotion to name and express and this book offers a variety of verbs that kids can use to express how they feel. Many of these will be new words that kids can add to their expanding vocabulary including bellowing, surging, and brawling. The author also uses metaphors and similes to describe the girl’s feelings which allow children to imagine their feelings swirling like a tornado or hurricane.

Once the anger is gone, the girl takes a deep breath and moves on. No more fire-breathing dragons or crashing waves. Everything is clear. Your child can learn to express their emotions appropriately and know that once expressed, there is usually a calmness that comes afterward.

At the end of the book, Teckentrup has included a quote:

“Use your anger to transform the world around you.”

Anni Lanz, Swiss human rights activist with a focus on refugee policy

Aside from teaching emotions, this book can also teach kids to be passionate about something. What makes them angry? Seeing a kid being bullied? Seeing litter on their walk to school? Animals left behind in shelters? Whatever it is, help them channel all that energy in a positive way.


By: Britta Teckentrup

Published: August 24, 2021

Publisher: Chronicle Kids/Twirl

Fiction/Board Book

Mr. Lion has gotten his mane all messed up, but his friend, Monkey is here to save the day. Monkey gives Mr. Lion a bath and then he wonders if maybe Mr. Lion needs a new hairdo too.

Monkey tries all kinds of new styles on Mr. Lion including waves, braids, and pigtails. But, finds that Mr. Lion is just perfect the way he is.

With a die-cut head, Mr. Lion’s new hairdos easily transform as you turn the pages. Kids will love Monkey’s expressions as he tries out each hairstyle and will be giggling along as well. It makes for a fun read-aloud and a reminder for kids to just be themselves!

Britta Teckentrup was born in Hamburg. She studied art and illustration at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and Royal College of Art in London. She is the author and illustrator of numerous books and has received many awards. She lives with her Scottish husband and her son Vincent in Berlin.

To purchase a copy of WHEN I SEE RED or MR. LION’S NEW HAIR!, click the photo below:

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