By: Britta Teckentrup

Published: March 24, 2020

Publisher: Prestel Junior


Britta Teckentrup has done it again with another children’s book full of vibrant mixed-media illustrations and a powerful message for children. Spring has arrived in the meadow, but one seed doesn’t seem to be growing as fast as the others. Ant and Ladybird decide to sit next to it to encourage it. Eventually, its roots start to branch out and tiny green leaves start to appear. But, every seed needs sun to grow and all the other seeds have grown so fast that they are blocking out the sun that the tiny seedling needs to grow.

As the seed begins its search for the sun and starts to grow as fast as it can, Ant and Ladybird join it on the journey through the meadow until it finally comes to a clearing and the sun bursts through. This is when the seedling really takes off and provides a haven for so many friends in the meadow all spring and summer long. As fall appears, the leaves drop and prepare for colder days ahead. Little Mouse says a tearful goodbye until Spring comes around again.

If this synopsis doesn’t tell you what a special story of perseverance, standing out, and giving of yourself to others, I don’t know what is. It’s ok if it takes some of us longer to do something. That’s what makes us all different and special. When Little Mouse teared up saying goodbye to the plant when winter arrives, I about did too. This is a sweet story of friendship and a wonderful lesson on the newness of Spring.

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Britta Teckentrup was born in Germany and moved to England in 1988. She is the author and illustrator of many books for children. She now lives in Berlin with her husband and young son. For more information, check out her website, HERE.

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