In the book world, the month of November is dedicated to reading and sharing nonfiction books. This month I’ll be sharing some non-fiction books that I think would be great for readers, young and old. These books will cover various topics and interests. If you’d like to see previous #NonFicNov posts, click HERE to see more amazing non-fiction books.


What if Animals Used Social Media?

By: Rosemary Mosco

Published: May 17, 2022

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


This book talks in tween/teen language by teaching about animals through social-media-ease. Beginning with an Arctic Tern that migrates from the Arctic to the Antarctic, kids will follow along on its adventures. With a screen name of TernAround, kids will have to watch for it to turn up in conversations between its friends OneToothWonder the Narwhal, Hoofs_N_Horns the Musk ox, and FurryFiend the Arctic fox. Within those conversations, kids will learn fun facts about the animals either through their selfies, texts, Yowl reviews, and shopping searches.

Critter Chat Page

I loved this Yowl review from monarch_caterpillar on the Common Milkweed Plant:

“The milkweed is the tastiest plant in the world! Plus, I love its big floppy leaves and beautiful pink flowers. Hmm, maybe I’m a teensy bit biased. It’s the only plant a monarch caterpillar is able to eat. Still, five stars!”

Using a spin-off of a Yelp food review, kids will learn what a milkweed looks like and what a monarch caterpillar eats all in one fact box. Pictures of both the caterpillar and the milkweed are also included.

This unique way of sharing information about various animals will engage kids right away and maybe even make them laugh a bit to think about how animals would react to social media. Of course, the pages are full of fun facts, amazing photography, hilarious jokes, and animal antics. The small size also makes this perfect for your animal-loving child’s stocking.

To purchase a copy of CRITTER CHAT, click the photo below:

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