A Little Bit of Nerdy Stuff

By: T.J. Resler

Published: September 15, 2020

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


I love learning about all the various animals that live in our world. This little, square book offers kids snippets of facts, amazing photography, and “nerd alert” boxes with something unique about that animal.

I find that every time I read from these children’s books, I learn something too. The okapi is built like a horse, has stripes like a zebra, and a tongue like a giraffe. The fact that they leave behind sticky, smelly markings from their feet is just another weird and “nerdy” fact that I find so interesting about this animal.

At over 200 pages, this book has to feature over 100 animals. Most of them have their own two-page spread. But, there are also pages called “Nerdsville Central” that feature a more general category of animals like the pigs on Pig Beach in the Bahamas. Some of the animals featured might be more familiar like betta fish or dolphins, but you will still learn something new about them. I found more pages of animals I didn’t know about than those that I did.

Like many other National Geographic books, you’ll find quizzes, flow charts, and FAQs to answer all your burning questions. This small book is jam-packed with all the nerdy animals facts your kid could want. I took this book to a second-grade classroom last week and the kids read it right up until the bell rang for their bus.

When our kids were younger, I gave them a book and a movie for Valentine’s Day and in their Easter baskets. This book would be perfect for either one of those occasions. Elementary-aged kids are the perfect readers for this book, but parents and older siblings could be found sneaking a peek at the pages too!

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