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All summer I’ll be sharing books for kids of all ages on topics that will interest them or offer them a new topic to learn about. Most of the time these will be nonfiction books, but sometimes we can learn how to be better people or learn empathy from fictional stories too.

So, I hope you will stay tuned to these posts. They will always have Summer Read-to-Learn in the title and in the tags. It’s so important to prevent that summer slide with our kids, so I hope you can use these books to keep them reading and learning all summer long. See all the posts, HERE.


Designed by: Rosie Gowsell Pattison

Published: March 22, 22

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


New in the JUST JOKING series from National Geographic Kids comes a book full of jokes related to science, nature, animals, and lots of pure silliness. With over 300 ways to make kids laugh, they won’t even realize they are learning science facts along with the silliness.

National Geographic knows how to make kids laugh and keep learning fun. Embedded in the jokes are facts that kids can take away along with the silly joke they will be dying to share at the supper table.

What is an astronomer’s favorite button on a keyboard?

The Space Bar

Next to a joke, there might be a fact about the animal pictured or another science-related item. There are also Knock Knock jokes, riddles, and even just silly photos called Atom Antics, like a photo of a dog next to a beetle with a scared look on his face and a quote, “Ack! I changed my mind! I don’t want to be an entomologist!”.

There are also pages dedicated to Laboratory Laughs. These might include science experiments gone wrong or myths about science. One experiment I found interesting is whether you can still find bacteria on food that was dropped on the floor, even if it was only there for 5 seconds. What do you think the researchers found? Let’s just say I probably won’t be eating food that fell on the floor anytime soon.

What is a meterologist’s favorite party game?


This small, square book packs a punch with loads of fun for kids. You’ll find the same award-winning photography, large fonts, and engaging material that you are used to with National Geographic. If you have a child that loves telling jokes or loves anything to do with learning scientific facts, get them this book. Send it to them at camp and they will be the star of the campfire or save it and tuck it in their backpack for the first day of school.

To purchase a copy of, JUST JOKING SCIENCE, click the photo below:

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