1,000 Giant Jokes and 1,000 Funny Photos Add up to Big Laughs

Published: October 17, 2017

Publisher: National Geographic Children’s Books


A thousand jokes may seem like a lot of jokes, but this book is sure to keep your kids interested for a long time and keep them supplied with endless jokes and stories. I love giving books for Valentine’s Day and I think this is a great book to give. It would also make for fun family dinner-time entertainment.

Throughout the ten chapters, you’ll find jokes about Space, History, Food, Nature, and Athletics to name a few. There are the typical question/answer types of jokes like “Why did the carpenter yell when he hit the nail? It was his thumbnail. HA! HA! There are Knock Knock jokes, Knock Knock. Who’s there? Goose. Goose who? I don’t need to guess. I already know who you are. There are also funny lists like Bad Gifts to Give a Snake for Its Birthday. Then there are also tongue twisters and funny facts like Some fish, like herring, break wind to communicate with each other. Find a kid that wouldn’t find THAT funny!

This book is jam-packed with hilariousness that all kids will love. There are amazing photos and facts sprinkled in so kids won’t even realize they are also learning something while having fun. Our boys loved joke books and I could have seen this book as our “car book” perfect for car rides and keeping each other entertained. I have a feeling this will be a popular book to keep in my subbing book bag, but it isn’t one I will want to use if I want to keep the kids quietly reading! Any kid won’t be able to keep the jokes and silliness to themselves!

To purchase a copy of JUST JOKING JUMBO, click the photo below:

In fact, there is a whole series of JUST JOKING books that you can find, HERE.

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