By: Carter Higgins

Illustrated by: Daniel Miyares

Published: April 12, 2022

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


Finding a book that stands the test of time, has dreamy illustrations, and is a book to keep on your shelves for a lifetime isn’t easy. But, Carter Higgins and Daniel Miyares have created just such a book. This book checks all the boxes for an excellent children’s book.

The book is divided into three sections, Big, In-Between, and Small, with an interactive feature to begin the sections. Big has a folded square to open, In-Between has a wiener dog to open out, and small has a tiny little flap to open. In each section, there are explanations of what it means to be Big, Small, or In-Between. But, not the obvious things, which is what I love about this book. It’s the bigger picture things, the worldly things, and the everyday things we might miss in our day.

The sun and its shine or a pile of leaves before you jump are the Big things. Your half-birthday or a leftover balloon losing its air are the in-between things. The plip of a raindrop or the mouse’s tea party are the small things. Kids will learn about size and placement, but in a much broader sense, that is relatable to real life.

The pencil-shaded illustrations are amazingly detailed and offer new perspectives. The illustration from inside a child’s mouth with a loose tooth was quite fascinating. I am absolutely swooning over this book and have looked through it several times because each time I feel like I missed something. If you need a reminder to appreciate the world around you, grab this book for your coffee table or child’s bookshelf. It’s sure to become a classic.

Carter Higgins is the author of many books for kids and the illustrator of one! She is Emmy-winning visual effects and motion graphics artist and spent a decade as an elementary school librarian. She lives in Las Vegas. Check out her website, HERE.

Daniel Miyares is a critically acclaimed picture book author and illustrator. His books include Float, Night Out, That is My Dream!, and Bring Me A Rock! He believes that our stories have the power to connect us all. Daniel’s story currently takes place in Lenexa, Kansas, with his wife, their two wonderful children, and a dog named Violet who gives them all a run for their money.

To purchase a copy of BIG AND SMALL AND IN-BETWEEN, click the photo below:

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Thanks to the publisher for sending a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. This review is my honest opinion. If you choose to make a purchase through the above links, I may receive a small commission without you having to pay a cent more for your purchase.
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