By: Leigha Huggins & Heather Lean

Illustrated by: 26 Artists from Across the Globe

Published: April 4, 2022


Authors Leigha Huggins and Heather Lean wanted to create a children’s book that brought the world together. They kept lists of artists and illustrators that inspired them and collected 26 artists from all over the world to create illustrations related to a theme that inspired them like friendship, harmony, innovation, dreams, and more. These illustrations are inspired by the themes of this book and connect all of us. The illustrations are widely different but also don’t seem out of place as you turn the page.

Image of world full of simplicity features a page of wildflowers and a home as the sun sets on a beautiful day with a girl and her dog. Imagine a world full of helpfulness has a much different look with caricature style illustrations of people being helpful in various ways like getting a kite out of a tree or helping to carry someone’s groceries. These two illustrations are vastly different, but show how we are connected and what type of art speaks to each of us. I found it appropriate that the page with an artist from Ukraine highlights imagining a world full of kindness.

From imagining a world full of choices to a world full of harmony to a world full of innovation, parents can think about the kind of world we want our children to grow up in and raise them to be adults that go after a world with less hatred and excess. This children’s book is an anthem for a new generation of kids that want more possibilities, more connection with others, and to come together for one main purpose, to love one another.

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