A Slide-and-Learn Book

By: Stephanie Babin

Illustrated by: Camille Tisserand

Published: February 2, 2021

Publisher: Twirl/Chronicle Books

Nonfiction/Board Book

I love interactive board books, especially those where a child can learn something. This particular slide-and-learn board book is larger than most board books and features easily slidable frames that first show the baby animal and then reveal the adult version. The baby slide also shares the baby animal’s name like kit, and then the adult name, fox. The previous page gives brief descriptions of each baby animal in just a sentence or two. There were even some baby animal names I wasn’t aware of.

With younger children, like ages 1-2, you may just want to have them slide the frames and learn the animals. The child could also match the frame picture with the animal on the previous page in its habitat. Then once your child is ready for more information, you can add in the brief descriptions.

I read this with our two-year-old great-nephew this week. I was surprised how many of the animals he recognized. He also loved sliding the frames and revealing the picture of the adult animal. I read the animal names to him but didn’t read the descriptions. But, he also was able to find the animals in the previous page’s picture.

Truthfully, most baby animals are adorable, but the illustrations for all the babies in this book are so sweet. Camille can even make a baby boar, a shoat, look cute. Since this book was originally published in France, there are some animals and names we may not be as used to here, as I mentioned, the boar as well as a baby hare, a leveret. But, that just widens your child’s knowledge of animals. Each two-page spread is given a specific habitat including a pond, forest, farm, meadow, mountain, and savanna.

I adore this board book and will leave it in my book box for days when our little great-nephew comes over. It would be a perfect quiet-time book for waiting rooms, church, or to take along on car rides. Don’t miss gifting this sweet book to a toddler you know.

To purchase a copy of WHOSE BABY IS THIS?, click the photo below:

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