By: Tullio Corda

Published: September 7, 2021

Publisher: Red Comet Press

Telling a story with only 32 words seems nearly impossible but Tullio Corda has done it. Through the joys of the daily life of a cat and a dog, children will learn opposites and follow along through their antics. Whether they are annoying each other or chasing birds, they find that they are opposite in many ways….except one.

With simple illustrations, minimal colors, and only two words per page spread, there are no distractions for kids. Instead, they can find ways to tell their own story of cat and dog in amongst the opposite behaviors. Plus, they will be visualizing and learning opposites that aren’t what you might expect like upset and unconcerned (my favorite page).

Books that make learning fun, especially for the youngest readers are important in the reading process. Even with minimal words, children can begin to recognize there are different ways to tell a story. The learning is secondary to the enjoyment of the actions playing out on the page. Parents can then ask kids to act out their own opposites like over/under, inside/outside. These simple actions added to the exercise of reading start the building blocks of learning.

There is an activity guide to go along with this book, HERE.

Tullio Corda was born in the town of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy. Corda moved to Genoa where he obtained a diploma in architecture. While working as a graphic designer, Corda developed a passion for printmaking and oil painting. This, combined with the discovery of a local children’s bookstore, led him to study at the ‘Štěpán Zavřel’ school of illustration in Sarmede, north of Venice. Following his studies at the school, Corda decided to become a full-time author and illustrator of books for children. He now lives and works in Lyon, France. Check out his website, HERE.

Check out a video of the author discussing his work and watching him create the characters:

Red Comet Press is a new publishing company aimed to make books that cause you to laugh out loud, dream of new adventures, and discover something new. Their books provide a rich storytelling experience that will ignite the imagination of readers.

To purchase a copy of CAT & DOG: A TALE OF OPPOSITES, click the photo below:

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