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Children’s Book Week, established in 1919, is not only a celebration of books, but of connection. It is a vehicle to unite kids and adults with books, authors, and illustrators in order to foster a love of reading. We are inspired by educators, librarians, booksellers, parents, and caregivers and the creative ways they find to connect with kids every day. Because of that, we have created a more engaging Children’s Book Week experience for all in 2021!

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By: Steven Weinberg

Published: March 23, 2021

Publisher: Chronicle Books


The middle kid is always….in the middle. He is the one who gets blamed when his little sister is crying and the one who gets beat up when he makes his big brother mad. He doesn’t get the extra popsicle and he isn’t as strong as his older brother. But, he is creative, he is tough, and he likes to have fun, but sometimes he also needs a breather.

This picture/chapter book shares a day-in-the-life of a middle kid and it is hilarious and so relatable. The middle kid in the story just wants to be left alone to draw. But, instead, his sister spills orange juice on his drawing and his brother locks him in a trunk. Then his mom asks if he wants to go along with her to the park. Just him and his mom. He is thrilled and she explains what it means to take a breather, which he badly needed.

This book is fun, from the actions of the three kids, to the thoughts of the middle kid, and most of all, the illustrations. The book is close to a graphic novel style while still being a picture book. I think younger and older kids will enjoy reading it while relating to the family antics. The inside cover of the book looks like an old school textbook with pencil writings in it. Then the story starts with a letter to the reader from The Middle Kid. The Middle Kid then takes you through his day starting in his shared bedroom with his sister crying and his brother snoring. The day ends with a creative surprise that all three of them can enjoy.

If you know of a middle child in your life, this would make a good gift for them. Take them to the park, out for ice cream, or to their favorite store and give them this book. I guarantee they will love it and feel seen and understood. I wish this book had existed when our middle kid was little. He would have loved it! He also has an older brother and a little sister. So, here’s to our middle kid, Bennett! May you always find a way to stand out, hold strong to your beliefs, and find a way to have fun!

Our Middle Kid, Bennett when he was little.

Steven Weinberg is a middle kid. He has a big brother and a younger sister. They get along great – as grownups. He lives in the Catskills with his wife, two kids, and a dog that look a lot like the one in this book.

To purchase a copy of THE MIDDLE KID, click the photo below:

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