Animal Bites Series

By: Laaren Brown, Animal Planet

Published: June 21, 2016

Publisher: Animal Planet


After reviewing POLAR ANIMALS and OCEAN ANIMALS from Animal Planet in April, I was thrilled to check out their newest books. In fact, our family just visited an aquarium and some of the facts I read in the Ocean Animals book made that visit even more interesting for me. You can see my review, HERE.

I grew up on a farm and am a sucker for farm books. They are usually the ones I am drawn to when choosing books as gifts for new babies or my nieces and nephews. My family raised sheep, beef cattle, horses, and chickens while I was growing up and my sister lived on a hog farm, so I was around farm animals all the time. Even though I no longer live on a farm, I am still drawn to them and love baby farm animals, especially.

From ducks to goats, to dairy cows, to horses, to turkeys, to alpacas, no farm animal was left out. Each page offers vivid photos of farm animals in their environment. A globe and fact bubble show where the animals can live and their approximate size in relation to an item the child would recognize like a school desk, guitar, or sail boat. Various information is shared regarding what they eat, what they can do for farming, and about their babies. There are so many cute photos of mommas and their babies I could look at the pages over and over again.

There is an especially fun page that shows all the different breeds of chickens. My parents’ neighbor raises chicken and has some of these featured on this page. The Buff Polish and the Silkie just make me laugh.

I even learned things about farm animals including baby ducks can swim immediately once hatched, but it takes them about eight weeks to learn to fly. Did you know goats, just like humans, have 32 teeth? This book is a wonderful resource to teach your children about farming or for farm kids to enjoy!

The publisher also has offered a link to some great flash cards to use with your children while reading the book.

Just click this link to download and print these free cards.

Animal Bites

By: Laaren Brown, Animal Planet

Published: June 21, 2016

Publisher: Animal Planet


Since June is National Zoo Month, it’s the perfect time to share Animal Planet’s newest book in the Animal Bites series, WILD ANIMALS.  Just like the other books featured in this series, it is full of our favorite zoo animals as well as some animals I’ve never even heard of. Each page is full of National Geographic quality pictures and facts that will interest kids and parents.

Each animal page features a globe showing where they live and factual information related to that animal. Since the book is a soft cover, it makes it lighter for kids to hold and easier to handle.

There is a whole page dedicated to the Regal Jumping Spider. I found this information interesting because we had just had an incident with a jumping spider biting a student on a trip last week. So, this page gave me a lot of interesting facts and before last week, I never even knew they existed.

Did you know that giraffes hum at night and that females have hair on their horns while males do not? Even though tigers are a member of the cat family, they actually like to swim and can scrunch up their face to swim under water. So many animals are talked about in this book, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

There are fact cards to use while reading this book as well. Just click the link below the photo to download and print these cards.

If your family is planning to visit a zoo this summer, I highly recommend reading this book to prepare you for all the neat characteristics each animal has that make it unique.

To purchase a copy of these ANIMAL PLANET books, click the photos below:

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  1. bermudaonion on June 20, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    My son would have loved these books when he was young. Heck, he probably still would!

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