By: Andrea Alvarez

Illustrated by: Ana Sebastian

Published: Mascot Books

Publisher: March 3, 2020


This story is inspired by the author’s son’s experiences as he learned the joy of achieving a goal. Alvarez has written her first children’s book and kids everywhere will want to be like Andres and work hard toward their own goals and dreams.

Andres notices a bunch of kids in his neighborhood hanging around a boy with a colorful cube. As he investigates, he is enamored with the cube and the quickness his friend, Kino, can get all the colors together.

Andres tells his mom about the cube and his dream of solving it fast like his friend, Kino. Andres practices and learns the patterns of the cube. After lots of practice he finally solves it. But, that isn’t enough for him. He has another goal!

This is such a great story of perseverance, friendship, and family support. It teaches kids to never give up and with hard work, you can achieve your goals.

The illustrations are really well done and fill the pages. The children on the pages are diverse and the expressions on Andres show his frustrations as he tries to accomplish solving the Rubik’s Cube.

The author also shares a bit of history both in the story and at the end of the book about the Rubik’s Cube and the Cubing USA National competitions. Kids will love seeing Andres achieve his goals in the story and then realize it is based on a real kid who achieved his goals as well. It will reinforce that they can do hard things too!

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