Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t, and Get Stuff Done

By: Kendra Adachi

Published: August 11, 2020

Publisher: WaterBrook


If you need practical & easy-to-understand steps for getting through the mess of your life, your home, or your work life, Kendra is the gal for you. I say Kendra like she is my friend, but I feel like she is because that is how she talks to your through her book. She has a simple, smack-your-head approach to clearing out the stuff that is consuming your time when it shouldn’t and making space for the stuff that brings you joy. I’ve followed her on social media and through her podcast for a while now and I am a much better person for it. When Kendra speaks, I listen.

Through thirteen principles, Kendra helps you realize what matters in your life and what doesn’t. Even though none of those things are the same for all of us, she offers the right questions to ask yourself and the tools to find the answers we need to move forward to creating a routine, handling the toy tornado, getting a good night’s sleep, or tackling that major project you’d had on your list forever. Whatever it is for you, the principles are applicable.

I resonated the most with her “Start Small” and “Ask the Magic Question” principles. Kendra states that “small steps get you unstuck.” I’ve been stuck in establishing a nighttime routine and nothing seems to work, mostly because I think I’m trying to add too many things at once. Instead, I’m trying to add one new thing, then once I feel comfortable add in a new thing from my ultimate list of things I’d like to be a part of my nighttime routine. Part of that involves that magic question, “what can I do now to make life easier?”. Applying that question to my nighttime routine helps me prioritize what is important to do to help me relax and get a good night’s sleep while also making my mornings easier.

These are just a couple of the many tips I took from THE LAZY GENIUS WAY. I feel like clearing out what doesn’t matter and focusing on what does makes so much sense. That may seem daunting to think about, but when you use each of the principles, you realize that you should have been doing this all along. Stress, anxiety, clutter, meal planning, work-life, housework, whatever your concerns, can be alleviated by adapting Kendra’s principles.

Kendra is active on her website, HERE. Don’t miss her podcast The Lazy Genius. You can find it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Check out her daily posts and stories on Instagram.

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