This field behind our home unfortunately looks like nearly every field across our area.

As I type this, it has been ten days since the Derecho blew through our neighborhood, our community, our school district, our farms and fields, our county, and our state. Some things are getting cleaned up and others haven’t been touched since the storm hit on August 10, 2020.

Our house sustained minimal damage, but we lost both of our beautiful blaze maples in our back yard. They were too damaged to save.

I’ve realized this many, many times, but I have been reminded again and again why I love living in a small town of fewer than 700 people. We all have each other’s backs and we all pitch in and help one another. Our town isn’t back to normal and never will be, but each day it is looking better.

Benton Community Press Box destroyed in the storm. We are not able to have any home football games this year.

The hum of generators is gone (power has been fully restored) and there are only a few chainsaws running yet around town. I’m trying to get back into a normal routine here at home, but it hasn’t been easy.

One of the houses with tree damage in our community.

I’ll be back soon with some book reviews that I’ve been needing to write up, but until then, I’ll share some photos from our community.

Our beautiful, and what used to be shady, city park.

If you feel led to donate, our local HACAP is a reputable agency helping many families during this disaster. Click HERE.

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