A yellow book cover with the title A Shift A Day for Your Best Year Yet


365 Ways to Improve Your Life, Career, and Relationships

By: Dean Del Sesto

Published: March 5, 2019

Publisher: Revell Books


What started out as personal development emails sent out to various clients and vendors has turned into Dean Del Sesto becoming an author. His “Shift Your Thinking” mindset will have three books published by July 2019. His approach is simple, yet highly valuable and thought-provoking. With just a few sentences each day, you can learn a new way to think about your life, be motivated to try something new, or look at a problem with a new perspective. It really only takes a minute to read and reflect on his statement for the day. You could certainly find things you already do and believe in, but I guarantee there will be new perspectives to bring to a situation you are struggling with. 

I think my favorite reminder in the book has to do with relationships. Del Sesto reminds readers to think of relationships like a bank account. It can handle withdrawals, but it will need small deposits along the way to make sure it doesn’t go bankrupt. This day’s shift seems so obvious, but when you read it, a realization hits that maybe you have been withdrawing a lot lately and reminds you to find ways to make some deposits into that relationship account. 

As a member of a few boards and committees, the shift that explains “Delegation is the art of getting people from ‘have to’ to ‘want to'” is so true. I try to get volunteers excited about helping and having ownership in their task. Stressing over it makes the task much less enjoyable and makes the volunteer less likely to sign up again to help.

I really love this little book. It’s the perfect size for a desk at work or your bedside table. I could see teachers writing a shift on their whiteboards each day before class. Employers would benefit gifting this book to leaders in their company. Recent graduates or those entering the workforce could also benefit from the life lessons inside this book. 

Del Sesto’s next book offers shifts for a deeper faith and it’s one I plan to purchase.

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