Favorite Books of 2018

I’m always amazed when I look over the list of books I read in a year. Every year the number seems to get bigger, the type of reading becomes more diverse, and a few favorites always stand out.

In 2018, I read 132 books. That is the highest ever for me. But, I’ve also been reading way more children’s books since I’m regularly reviewing them.  I’ve collected a few stats from my year of reading that I found interesting.

2018 Books Stats

Books for Review: 82 Books

Books for Own Enjoyment: 50 Books

Adult: 70 Books

Children’s: 62 Books

Non-Fiction: 66 Books

Fiction: 66 Books

5 Star Books: 13 Books (Adult Books only)

Audiobooks: 22 Books

eBooks: 17 Books

Physical Copies: 93

Library Copies: 33


What do I gather from these stats?

  1. Most of my reading is still for review purposes.
  2. The amount of children’s books I read is nearly as many as the adult books I read.
  3. I read the exact same fiction as non-fiction books.
  4. Less than 20% of the adult books I read, I gave 5 stars to.
  5. I’m picky with my 5-star rating.
  6. I am reading fewer eBooks even though I have hundreds to choose from.
  7. I am loving listening to audiobooks.
  8. I read more library books than ever this year as well. Mostly through the Overdrive system with audiobooks and eBooks.


Favorite Books of 2018

Rather than break them down into categories, I’m just going to share my favorite books that I read in 2018. Even though I gave 13 adult books a 5-star rating, I want to be sure and list children’s books here too. So, in no particular order, here are my Ten Favorite Books of 2018.

Clicking the photo of the book will take you to Amazon where I may make a small commission if you choose to purchase. Clicking the title of the book will take you to my blog post review.



An obvious favorite and one you are seeing on lots of year-end lists. I listened on audio with I highly recommend. I’m still talking about this book.


I’m already a fan of Meissner’s books and her story of the Spanish Flu in Pennsylvania informed me of a tragic time in our history while telling a heartbreaking story of a family.


Another great book by Kelly Corrigan. She isn’t afraid to say what so many of us are thinking and her advice of 12 things we have trouble saying was spot on. I also listened to Corrigan read this on audio.


Kristin Hannah is already a favorite of mine and she did not disappoint with her newest. Set in Alaska and after Vietnam made the story even more harsh and forgiving. I appreciated reading about another important time in our history. I envision more stories set in the 1960s-1980s in the coming years with PTSD and the effects of the Vietnam War as a backdrop.


Originally published in 2017, the paperback came out in 2018. I listened to Scott Kelly read this on audio. Fabulous. I learned so much about space travel and was amazed at Kelly’s journey to becoming an astronaut. Not at all what I expected.


I’m already a Lisa Genova fan and her newest was one I just could not put down. ALS is such a devastating disease, but having it disable a classical pianist made the disease even more grueling and emotional to comprehend.


As a fan of Broadway, I loved Lulu and her mouse family that lives in the theater. Lulu dreams of being part of the show and her wit, charisma, and grit to make her dream happen will inspire kids all over. This middle-grade book would also make a great read-aloud due to its witty dialogue.


This informative and fun children’s book encourages the act of writing letters in a fun and silly way. I loved it.


I absolutely don’t look at Bandaids that same way. But, I truly love a book that tells a sweet story, yet teaches kids about our history. This one was well done.


This mix of history, fun facts, and recipes will keep kids interested. I learned so much about where our food heritage comes from and enjoyed it as much as a kid would.


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Clicking the photo of the book will take you to Amazon where I may make a small commission if you choose to purchase. Clicking the title of the book will take you to my blog post review.

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