Eduardo Guadardo Elite Sheep


By: Anthony Pearson

Illustrated by: Jennifer E. Morris

Published: October 1, 2018

Publisher: Two Lions


Eduardo wants to be part of the FBI, the Fairy-Tale Bureau of Investigations. He is hoping to become an Elite Sheep after he is given his first case, protecting Mary from the troll, witch, and wolf. Are you seeing a fairytale theme here? Eduardo believes he is able to handle things all on his own and doesn’t accept any help until he gets into trouble and then, the wool gets pulled over his eyes!

Eduardo Guadardo Elite Sheep page


This story offers a possible prequel to the beloved poem, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as Eduardo becomes Mary’s little lamb to save her from what he is sure to be a tragic event. When the Gingerbread Man offers to help him during his investigation, Eduardo turns him down and decides he can handle it all. Kids will learn that it is ok to not take on too much and be willing to ask for help and recognize their limitations.


Eduardo Guadardo page layout


The pages are full of characters to look at and the kids will find all of Eduardo’s disguises and antics to be silly. The font is quite different for a children’s book but it goes along with the FBI theme as it has an “official feel” to its look.  I do wish the author had come up with a different name for the main character as I think it is a bit hard for kids to say the name. It was hard for me to remember how to spell it.

Eduardo has a dream of becoming an FBI agent and works hard. He just lets his pride get in the way. The story offers a life lesson even for the youngest of readers.


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Anthony Pearson – source

Anthony Pearson is not a spy. He’s not. We promise. He’s actually a school counselor, a child therapist, and the author of Baby Bear Eats the Night, illustrated by Bonnie Leick. But that didn’t stop him from digging for clues about “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” What he found made him imagine what could have inspired the rhyme: a sheep that is totally, absolutely, 100 percent in control of things … or maybe just 95 percent. And squirrels in sunglasses. Oh, and a witch flying a helicopter. But you didn’t hear about the Fairytale Bureau of Investigations from him. Anthony and his family live in deep cover in Georgia. Get more intel about him at

Jennifer Morris – source

Jennifer E. Morris has written and illustrated award-winning picture books and has also illustrated children’s magazines, greeting cards, partyware, and educational materials. She has not illustrated classified documents nor is she a super secret agent. She is, however, the creator of May I Please Have a Cookie? which has infiltrated more than a million homes. If you say “The dove flies at noon,” she may tell you what the ducks recorded on their cameras. Maybe. But most likely not. Jennifer lives with her family in Massachusetts, just a few miles from the little red schoolhouse where “Mary Had a Little Lamb” originated. Read more of her dossier (that’s DAH-see-ay), HERE.


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