The SheepOver

By: John and Jennifer Churchman

Photo Illustrations by: John Churchman

Published: December 8, 2015

Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers


I have always been a fan of books about sheep. We raised sheep while I was growing up and my very first pet was Lambie, a sheep that was raised on our farm for many years. Sheep are special to our family and when I saw this book, I knew I had to get it for my niece. I think this will be part of her birthday gift next month.

Sweet Pea is one of the many sheep on the Churchman’s farm. One night, Sweet Pea gets very sick and they have to call in Vet Alison. All of the friends on the farm are deeply worried about Sweet Pea and share their concern on the pages. Keeper the goose, Prem the goat, and Laddie the dog are just some of the farm friends watching over Sweet Pea. Farmer John promises a SheepOver in the greenhouse if Sweet Pea gets better and that is just what Sweet Pea and her friends get.

The illustrations are actual photos from the Churchman farm yet have digital artwork mixed with it. It gives the photos that creative brilliance that will give children the magic of what happens between the animals on the farm.

I love how all the animals on the farm are like family and rally around their friend Sweet Pea when she is sick. Then celebrate together when she is healthy. What a wonderful lesson to teach children about loving and caring for their friends.

John Churchman 
Jennifer Churchman

SWEET PEA & FRIENDS: The SheepOver is author Jennifer Churchman’s debut children’s book written in partnership with her husband John Churchman.  John draws on his talents as an artist, photographer, and farmer as he brings this story to life with his enchanting photo-illustrations. 

Jennifer and John bring their talents together to give voice to the stories of the animals that surround them and add boundless enjoyment to their lives. They have made their home on a small farm in the beautiful countryside os Essex, Vermont, with their daughter Gabrielle.
They are currently working on their next children’s book and a variety of related creative projects, including an interactive website that continues the day-to-day story of Sweet Pea & Friends. Visit their website, HERE. Your child can meet all the farm friends and even watch the Farm Cam!  

To purchase a copy of SWEET PEA & FRIENDS: The SheepOver

To purchase a copy of the Churchman’s newest book, SWEET PEA & FRIENDS: Brave Little Finn, click the photo below:

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  1. bermudaonion on October 15, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Oh my gosh, that is the cutest book ever. My son loved any book with animals so I'm sure he would have loved that.

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