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High Five Friday 6.13.14

I wasn’t able to do a High Five post last week, so this will be a combination of High Fives from the last two weeks, which have been our first two weeks of summer! 1. Monday, June 2nd,  was our last day of school. The kids are thrilled to get our summer started. We will…
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High Five Friday – 5.30.14

Thanks to Becky at bybmg.blogspot.com, I found out about this great linky where bloggers share five happy things from their week.  I’ve been wanting to participate and I hope to continue. Through the summer I plan to share our joys from the lazy, crazy days of summer with our kids each Friday. Stay tuned and…
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Featured Iowa Blogger

Today I’m the Featured Iowa Blogger at SincerelyJenni.com!   I am so honored to be featured.  Jenni is hilarious and spot on when it comes to thoughts on life! I’ve read her blog for a long time and am thrilled that she is featuring me today.  Check out her interview with me.  You just might…
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Start 2014 Write – My Pen Pal

Do you love to get letters in the mail? So much of our mail is junk.  Catalogs, credit card applications, political ads, and coupons arrive in my mailbox every day.  Then there are the bills. No one likes getting bills in the mail.  But, what I do get excited about is something that is hand…
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American Idol – Excited for the New Season

It has been awhile since I’ve been on the Americana Idol bandwagon.  I frankly got a little tired of Simon’s rude suggestions and comments.  Randy’s “dog” verbage was worn out.  I couldn’t stand to watch or listen to Nicki Minaj.  So, I rarely tuned in. But, this year, I plan watch and DVR it when…
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Page A Day Calendars – I Just Love Them!

I just love calendars that offer you something on each page.  I can start my days with a quote, a laugh, a fact, a cute picture, pretty much anything you want in any category you are interested in. I usually have one in my bathroom so I can see it every morning and then the…
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Three Weeks

This has been the week to catch up on all those things I have been putting off. All summer I have been dealing with pain in my hands.  My right hand has been painful for a few years off and on.  I know I have the beginnings of arthritis and just figured it was something…
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Have You Tried Pinterest?

Have you joined the PINTEREST craze yet? If not, and you like being sucked into looking at neat crafts, delicious recipes, quotes, photography ideas, organizational strategies, gift ideas, fashion, etc.  You get the idea.  You can truly sit on there for hours.  I have friends that refuse to even go to that website for that…
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Vacation Planning On the Mind

As school ends and summer begins, one of the things at the front of my mind is our family vacation.  We are still trying to figure out where we are going to go.  Chatting with my sister-in-law, Julie, she also is unsure of where they family will be traveling this summer.  The planner in me…
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Too Busy to Write

The last few weeks have been especially busy and I don’t see a slow down in my future.  We ended track season and are moving right into baseball season this week.  At least this year the boys are on the same team.  I spent last week substitute teaching and will finish my school year tomorrow…
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Stacie's read-in-2019 book montage

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
Seven Sundays: A Faith, Fitness, and Food Plan for Lasting Spiritual and Physical Change

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