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Vacation Planning On the Mind

As school ends and summer begins, one of the things at the front of my mind is our family vacation.  We are still trying to figure out where we are going to go.  Chatting with my sister-in-law, Julie, she also is unsure of where they family will be traveling this summer.  The planner in me…
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Too Busy to Write

The last few weeks have been especially busy and I don’t see a slow down in my future.  We ended track season and are moving right into baseball season this week.  At least this year the boys are on the same team.  I spent last week substitute teaching and will finish my school year tomorrow…
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Prom Thoughts

This is my mom at her senior prom in 1956.  Even though it isn’t very clear, it is still one of my favorite photos.  There are so many parts of this photo that are classic 1950’s: the microphone, the dress, the backdrop, her glasses.  I truly wish I would have grown up in that decade…
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Not Today

Do you know what time of year it is?  Yes, it is winter…20 days until spring….but it is also McDONALD’S SHAMROCK SHAKE TIME! These shakes are really one of my favorite things to have and each year I wait for them to appear on commercials or signs so that I can order my first one.…
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The Day I Was Dreading Has Arrived

Last week, I was getting ready in my bathroom and while styling my hair I noticed something.  I notice my hair looked different, like lighter or something, so I leaned into my mirror and looked closer and backed up and leaned in again.  I moved my hair around and looked again, and sure enough……………………. I…
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Valentine’s Box Idea

Do you need a Valentine’s box idea for school or home?  Check out my post from last year on what Reagan made for her school box.  We are using it again this year! https://www.sincerelystacie.com/2012/02/valentine-box.html
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What’s On My DVR

The Fall TV Season is upon us.  I went through the summer hardly watching any TV, and now I am ready for some good TV.  I’m not able to watch all the shows in their regular time, so I DVR a lot of them to watch while the kids are in school.  These are the…
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Check It Out!

I am not the most techy person and tend to be a little slow when it comes to new things on my blog but I wanted you to know about this new feature… —————————————–> Look to the right….you can now sign up to receive my blog updates via email.  How cool is that?  I know…
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Commercial Rewind

Today we were eating and Bennett dropped his hash browns into his french toast syrup.  He is my kid that doesn’t like his food to touch.  He said, “Oh no, my hash browns just got into my syrup.” and I instantly thought of that old commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  So, since the kids…
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My 800th Post

I can’t believe this is my 800th post.  I have been blogging for over 4 years and have been amazed by the support I have received from it. I wanted to share my most popular posts with you tonight.  They are the most visited posts of all time and ones that even I needed to…
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