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Things That Happen at Night

It seems like there are certain things that always happen in the middle of the night…. 1. Thunderstorms – the loud, booming, jump out of bed kind of boomers that wake up your kids and leave you cuddling in closer to your husband.  Can you tell that I don’t like thunderstorms? 2. Smoke Detector Batteries…
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Some Things I Accomplished Today

I had an entire day at home today.  After sitting on the sofa, sipping my coffee, IMing with my cousin and watching Kelly Ripa, I thought it was high time I get busy and accomplish something.  I just want to make sure that those of you that think SAHMs eat bon bons all day, realize…
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A Valentine Box

  For the first time ever, we had to come up with our own Valentine’s Box for school.  Prior years we just had to contribute a cereal box or something and the kids made it at school.  But, this year, the options were wide open and we were able to come up with our own…
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It Is Going To Be One of Those Kind of Days

After spending 15 minutes looking for my coffee creamer, I finally found it….  right where it belongs….in the coffee cupboard.  Oh my….it is going to be a looooonnnnnggg day!
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From Iowa?

I saw this posted on Facebook this week and thought it was pretty funny:  Not all of these apply to me but most of them sure do!  IOWA, according to Jeff Foxworthy: If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you may live in Iowa. If someone in a Home Depot store…
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Fall Means Football….and Soccer

The boys started their soccer season this past weekend with a win, 5-0.  They are playing on a co-ed 6-8th grade team. Even though Bennett is only a 5th grader, he is playing on the team as well.  They did an awesome job and it was fun to watch them.  I was amazed at their…
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New Product Alert!

Have you seen these??????  Ketchup Spread Head   Mustard Spread Head I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw these.  How fun it would be to have these at your next party. Or next time you have hot dogs or hamburgers for dinner, pull these out and surprise your kids! I found these at…
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A Chuckle for the Day

Do you ever feel this way?  Has this ever happened to you?  Thanks to Baby Blues for giving me a chuckle! I tried everything to get this to lay the other way but my mediocre technology knowledge wouldn’t let me.  So, just turn your head or your laptop and you’ll get the idea! 
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What Have I Done?

I am joining Sincerely Jenni in telling you about myself.  The items in BOLD I have done! What about you?  This is giving me a great list of things to add to my “Bucket List”.  Things that I hadn’t thought of.  Thanks Jenni for sharing! 1. Started your own blog 2. Slept under the stars 3.…
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What I Am Doing and Not Doing

Where have I been lately?  What have I been up to?  Let me start with what I haven’t been doing….. I’m not – blogging much – sleeping as much as I’m used to -still NOT drinking pop -not keeping up with the laundry -not keeping up with the housework -not cooking as much -not baking…
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Stacie's read-in-2021 book montage

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