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Don't Let a Typo Stop You from Love - Grammarly

Eighteen years ago, I was chatting with this man I had never met on AOL Instant Message. We lived in the same city and had started chatting through AIM one afternoon. Keep in mind this is something I had never done before, but something led me to say "Hello" back. We are closing in on 17 years of marriage and I have never regretted saying "Hello".  This was way before online dating was popular. In fact, I usually lied when people asked how I met my now husband because it was embarrassing to say we met "online". Dating websites are extremely popular and many have found love through websites that match up your interests and personalities with someone else.

I thought this fun infographic from GRAMMARLY would be interesting to some of you this Valentine's Weekend. If you are looking to set up a dating profile, there are some good tips for how to answer questions and describe yourself below. I would have to agree with the finding that women were turned off by men who used incorrect spelling in their profiles. That would be a turn-off for me as well!

Grammarly reviewed 10,000 eHarmony male/female matches generated by eHarmony’s matching algorithm. Fifty percent of the matches advanced to two-way communication while the other 50 percent failed to advance. Each male and female in a match wrote long-form answers to questions on their dating profile. These writing samples were analyzed by Grammarly’s automated proofreader for accuracy in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Valentine's Day Grammar 2016 Infographic

Grammarly is a simple and powerful writing app that corrects more types of spelling and grammatical mistakes than any other software on the market. The product suite comprises the Grammarly Editor online editing tool; browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; Grammarly for Microsoft Office; and the Grammarly native app, a convenient desktop editor for Mac and PC. I use Grammarly for all my writing to check spelling and grammar mistakes that I might miss during my proofreading. It is simple to add Grammarly to your computer and it will check all your writing whether online or in word documents.

As a company, Grammarly’s mission is to improve communication among the world’s more than 2 billion native and non-native English writers. Millions of registered users worldwide trust Grammarly’s products, which are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations. Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company with offices in San Francisco and Kyiv.

eHarmony, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in using relationship science to match singles seeking long-term relationships. Its service presents users with compatible matches based on key dimensions of personality that are scientifically proven to predict highly successful long-term relationships.

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Book Review: Dinner Solved! By Katie Workman

100 Ingenious Recipes that Make the Whole Family Happy, Including You

By: Katie Workman

Published: August 18, 2015

Publisher: Workman Publishing


Fans of THE MOM 100 Cookbook will be thrilled that Katie Workman has delivered another top-notch family cookbook. She has this cookbook chock full of fantastic recipes for everyone in your house. Her ingenious plan of taking one recipe and making it fit multiple taste buds and more than one meal, called "Fork in the Road", will make dinner time stress-free.

Before the cookbook came out, I was able to try a couple recipes and share my experiences with social media. I tried her Simple One Skillet Chicken Alfredo Pasta as well as the One Pot, No Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies. Both were super easy and delicious. With each recipe in the cookbook you can choose to take the "Fork in the Road". For the cookies, you could add dried fruit. For the Chicken Alfredo, options included adding sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms or broccoli. I added the broccoli for color and making more of a complete meal for our family.

After the cookbook arrived, I tried the Honey-Glazed Carrots. One of my favorite foods is cooked carrots. I always order them as my side any time we go to Cracker Barrel. But, I rarely cook them because no one else in the house likes them. I decided to try Workman's version one day for lunch and I was so glad I did! They fed me for a couple days and I didn't have to share a single one!

Workman shows using cut-up carrots in her recipe, but I decided to just use the baby carrots I had on hand instead. I stuck with the regular recipe rather than the "Fork in the Road" option of making the Honey-Orange-Soy Glazed Carrots.  

Honey-Glazed Carrots

1 TBS Canola or Vegetable Oil
2 LBS Carrots, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 C Chicken or Vegetable Broth
1/3 C Honey
2 TBS Red Wine Vinegar
Salt and Pepper, to taste
2 TBS Unsalted Butter

Heat the oil in a large skillet with a lid over medium-high heat. Add the carrots and cook, stirring occasionally until they just start to brown in spots, 3 minutes.

Add the broth, honey, and vinegar, and season with salt and pepper. Bring the broth to a boil, cover, and lower the heat to medium-low. Simmer until the carrots are crisp-tender, 10 minutes. Uncover, increase the heat to medium-high and continue to cook until the carrots are tender and the liquid is syrupy, about 7 minutes more. At the end, the carrots should be tender, well glazed, with barely any extra liquid. Stir in the butter until melted, check seasonings, and serve hot or warm.

As you can see, the carrots had this delicious glaze and were easy to pierce. The flavor was sweet, but not over the top. I loved them and they also were delicious reheated the next day.

There are so many other recipes I am anxious to try from the DINNER SOLVED! cookbook, including Fish Tacos, Hummus, Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup, and Big Chewy Brownie Cookies to name a few.

Workman offers tips for getting your kids involved in the preparing and cooking process as well. Tips for making part of the meal ahead offers a time-saving measure during the crunch time after school. The photos are appealing and give you an idea of how the recipe should look. Even the Carrot-Ginger Soup with Shrimp looks good enough to sip right off the page.

Most families will easily find recipes to fit all their needs from breakfast to dessert. Recipe ingredients include items you would have in your pantry or fridge or can easily be picked up in a quick stop at the store. Thai, Mexican, Italian, or American cuisine are all covered in Dinner Solved! There are truly dishes for everyone.

Katie Workman - source
KATIE WORKMAN was a kid who loved to cook, and a kid who loved cookbooks. She grew up teaching herself how to cook from the Silver Palate Cookbook, making bumpy homemade pasta following Marcella's Hazan's instructions in The Essentials of Italian Cooking to the letter, and asking for the entire Moosewood trilogy for holidays.

Her first job after college was with Clarkson Potter Publishers, specializing, naturally, in cookbooks, and she remained there for 12 years learning every part of the cookbook publishing world while becoming a Senior Editor. After a shorter stint as Associate Publisher at Workman Publishing, Katie left to help launch as the Founding Editor in Chief in 2008. This was also the beginning of her career as an active food writer. She established the popular Cookstr weekly newsletter and wrote for many websites and publications, including The Daily Beast, AOL Food,,,, Boston Globe and New York Magazine. She currently writes a bi-weekly column for The Huffington Post.

Katie lives with her husband and two children in New York City, where friends, neighbors, and families with kids are all welcome at her table.

Visit Katie's website and blog at:
Find Katie on Facebook at:
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To purchase a copy of DINNER SOLVED! click the photo below:

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Books that Came My Way in January 2016

I'm back into a reading flow after finishing some great books during our Christmas getaway.  I've done a lot better using spare minutes to read rather than waste time on my phone. I also have some books I'm really anxious to read which gives me a push to finish the ones I'm currently reading. I read five books in January and started two others. That is a pretty good reading rate for me with my subbing schedule and busy night and weekend activities.

I have turned down a few books this month in my quest to only read books that really interest me. I have so many books on my own shelf, that I want to do a better job of reading them as well. These books found their way into my mailbox and a few others were good deals on Kindle. I am only going to spend time reading books that I find enjoyable and interesting. If I am not interested, I'm going to put it aside. I can't get to all these books that come my way, but at least, I can tell you about them here and I hope to review them just as soon as I can.

If you would like to purchase any of these books, 
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without you having to pay any more for your purchase.  
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The Deliberate Reader

I'm linking up with The Deliberate Reader 
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Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital
By: Sheri Fink
Published: January 26, 2016 (paperback) Originally- September 10, 2013 
Publisher: Broadway Books
Format: Paperback

This book has been on my list for quite a while and it is now available in paperback. I just recently read a book about a family who survived Hurricane Katrina (see that book HERE) and found it extremely interesting. It's hard to believe it has been ten years since Katrina hit and there is still places that haven't been touched or cleaned up and repaired. This book is hefty at 565 pages, but the last 90 are acknowledgements, notes, and an index. The print is small in the paperback version so for us old folks, the hardcover or eBook might be easier to read. :)

In the tradition of the best investigative journalism, physician and reporter Sheri Fink reconstructs 5 days at Memorial Medical Center and draws the reader into the lives of those who struggled mightily to survive and to maintain life amid chaos. 

After Katrina struck and the floodwaters rose, the power failed, and the heat climbed, exhausted caregivers chose to designate certain patients last for rescue. Months later, several health professionals faced criminal allegations that they deliberately injected numerous patients with drugs to hasten their deaths.
FIVE DAYS AT MEMORIAL, the culmination of six years of reporting, unspools the mystery of what happened in those days, bringing the reader into a hospital fighting for its life and into a conversation about the most terrifying form of health care rationing.
In a voice at once involving and fair, masterful and intimate, Fink exposes the hidden dilemmas of end-of-life care and reveals just how ill-prepared we are in America for the impact of large-scale disasters—and how we can do better.

A Novella
By: Michael Phillip Cash
Published: December 17, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback

After a vicious fight with her boyfriend followed by a night of heavy partying, college freshman Amanda Greene wakes up in her dorm room to find things are not the same as they were yesterday. She can't quite put her finger on it. She's sharing her room with a peculiar stranger. Amanda discovers she's registered for classes she would never choose with people that are oddly familiar. An ominous shadow is stalking her. Uncomfortable memories are bubbling dangerously close to her fracturing world, propelling her to an inevitable collision between fantasy and reality. Is this the mother of all hangovers or is something bigger happening? 

A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion
By: Michael Phillips Cash
Published: May 4, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback

This one makes my skin crawl a bit. I'm not sure I could read this and sleep peacefully. 

Seth is laid off from work. His wife Lara just found out they are expecting a baby this summer. Seth plans on documenting the entire pregnancy with his brand new digital camcorder. During an evening home watching television, the news reports that a swarm of cicada (Brood Ten) is expected to overwhelm the entire Northeast. Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade. During a sweltering summer night, Brood Ten emerges and wreaks havoc with the electric grid, phone and cell service, wi-fi, food and water supply. Civilization as they know it is gone. Seth and Lara are thrown back to the stone age in their own home with trillions of cicada trying to deposit their eggs and breed. 

By: Wigu Publishing
Published: December 22, 2015
Format: Paperback

I'm excited there is a new edition to the WHEN I GROW UP series. I've reviewed others, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. I think this book tackles a topic that kids and grown-ups can easily read together and discuss. 

Blake and Brendan would do almost anything to get out of going to Mr. Becket's funeral. It will be boring and sad and dead people are scary! There might even be ghosts! But Mom and Dad insist. Mr. Becket was a good person, and it is right to gather with his family and friends to remember him and all the good things he did. So what's so good about remembering a dead person? A lot. Readers learn with Blake and Brendan what it means to be a good person and all the ways a good person makes a difference in people's lives, even long after they're gone. 

By: Marci Fair and Ellie Fair
Published: November 16, 2015
Publisher: Pacochel Press
Format: Paperback

I previously reviewed the first of the Ellie the Elephant books, HERE. I was thrilled to hear there is a new adventure for Ellie and her friends. You can find all of Ellie the Elephant's books, HERE.

Ellie the elephant and Pudgy the penguin are stuffed animals…and the best of friends. They have been on many adventures together, like moving to a new neighborhood, flying on an airplane, visiting animal friends and relatives at a zoo, going back to school together to meet new teachers and learn—and now they get to enjoy a summer adventure on a wonderful beach vacation!

The excitement mounts as Ellie and Pudgy pack their beach balls and sunglasses and jump in the car for the game-filled drive to the coast.

Once they arrive, Ellie and Pudgy head straight for the beach to dig in the warm sand, swim in the sparkly blue ocean and see lots of colorful fish. Then they head out for an afternoon packed full of fun!

Join in the adventure as these best friends share many new experiences while on their special beach vacation—traveling to a new place, trying new activities, riding bikes, enjoying a froggie lunch and sweet treats, swimming, building the biggest sandcastle ever, visiting an un-butterfly garden and much more as they spend a sunny day outside and explore this special beach town!

By: Shelby Herman
Published: October 3, 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback

I love inspirational kids stories! 

Shimmer the glowworm has a low glow and goes on an inspirational journey to find it. She discovers along the way that helping others find their glow is what makes her glow show and the ME TREE she lives in reflected that all along.

By: Terrie Todd
Published: January 26, 2015
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Format: eBook

WWII, diary entries and a beautiful cover sold me on this one!

It’s 1939, and Canada is on the cusp of entering World War II. Seventeen-year-old farm girl Cornelia is heartbroken when she learns that her beloved soldier, Henry, has been killed in a train wreck. Alone and carrying a heavy secret, she makes the desperate choice that will haunt her for years to come. Never telling a soul, Cornelia pours out the painful events of the war in her diary.

Many decades later, Cornelia’s granddaughter, Benita, is in the midst of her own crisis, experiencing several losses in the same week, including her job and the grandmother she adored. The resulting emotional and financial stress takes its toll on her and her husband, Ken, who is also unemployed. On the brink of divorce, she discovers Cornelia’s diary. Now the secrets of her grandmother’s past will lead Benita on an unexpected journey of healing, reunion, and renewed faith.

A Novel
By: Martha Hall Kelly
To Be Published: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: eBook

I can't say no to a gripping WWII novel. This one sounds like a memorable story.

Inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine, this powerful debut novel reveals an incredible story of love, redemption, and terrible secrets that were hidden for decades.

New York socialite Caroline Ferriday has her hands full with her post at the French consulate and a new love on the horizon. But Caroline’s world is forever changed when Hitler’s army invades Poland in September 1939—and then sets its sights on France.

An ocean away from Caroline, Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish teenager, senses her carefree youth disappearing as she is drawn deeper into her role as a courier for the underground resistance movement. In a tense atmosphere of watchful eyes and suspecting neighbors, one false move can have dire consequences.

For the ambitious young German doctor, Herta Oberheuser, an ad for a government medical position seems her ticket out of a desolate life. Once hired, though, she finds herself trapped in a male-dominated realm of Nazi secrets and power.

The lives of these three women are set on a collision course when the unthinkable happens and Kasia is sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious Nazi concentration camp for women. Their stories cross continents—from New York to Paris, Germany, and Poland—as Caroline and Kasia strive to bring justice to those whom history has forgotten.


By: Roger Rosenblatt
Published: February 16, 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: eBook

This was already on my to-read list from a couple years ago. Since it was a Kindle deal I snagged it.

"How long are you staying, Boppo?"

When his daughter, Amy—a gifted doctor, mother, and wife—collapses and dies from an asymptomatic heart condition, Roger Rosenblatt and his wife, Ginny, leave their home on the South Shore of Long Island to move in with their son-in-law, Harris, and their three young grandchildren: six-year-old Jessica, four-year-old Sammy, and one-year-old James, known as Bubbies. Long past the years of diapers, homework, and recitals, Roger and Ginny—Boppo and Mimi to the kids—quickly reaccustom themselves to the world of small children: bedtime stories, talking toys, playdates, nonstop questions, and nonsequential thought. Though reeling from Amy's death they carry on, reconstructing a family, sustaining one another, and guiding three lively, alert, and tender-hearted children through the pains and confusions of grief. As he marvels at the strength of his son-in-law, a surgeon, and the tenacity and skill of his wife, a former kindergarten teacher, Roger attends each day to "the one household duty I have mastered"—preparing the morning toast perfectly to each child's liking.

By: Vicki Courtney
Published: November 1, 2008
Publisher: B & H Books
Format: eBook

This was a Kindle deal and one that I am very interested in. These are all conversations I've been wanting to have and it will give me the push I need to start them with our daughter.

From the cradle to college, tell your daughters the truth about life before they believe the culture’s lies.
For mothers with girls newborn to eighteen, FIVE CONVERSATIONS YOU MUST HAVE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER is simply a must-have book. Youth culture commentator Vicki Courtney helps moms pinpoint and prepare the discussions that should be ongoing in their daughters' formative years.

To fully address the dynamic social and spiritual issues and influencers at hand, several chapters are written for each of the conversations, which are:
1. You are more than the sum of your parts
2. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up
3. Sex is great and worth the wait
4. It’s OK to dream about marriage and motherhood
5. Girls gone wild are a dime a dozen—dare to be virtuous

The book is linked to online bonus features offering invaluable tips on having these conversations across the various stages of development: five and under, six to eleven, twelve and up.

Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-Town Obituary Writer
By: Heather Lende
Published: April 28, 2015
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Format: eBook

I love the idea of this book. Finding the good in any situation....letting go of the negative. Can't wait to dig in! It was a Kindle deal and am glad I found it!

As the obituary writer in a spectacularly beautiful but often dangerous spit of land in Alaska, Heather Lende knows something about last words and lives well lived. Now she’s distilled what she’s learned about how to live a more exhilarating and meaningful life into three words: find the good. It’s that simple--and that hard.

Quirky and profound, individual and universal, FIND THE GOOD offers up short chapters that help us unlearn the habit--and it is a habit--of seeing only the negatives. Lende reminds us that we can choose to see any event--starting a new job or being laid off from an old one, getting married or getting divorced--as an opportunity to find the good. As she says, “We are all writing our own obituary every day by how we live. The best news is that there’s still time for additions and revisions before it goes to press.”

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Book Review: Welcome Home, Bernard Socks By Paul Magrs


By: Paul Magrs

Published: December 23, 2015

Publisher: Obverse Books


In December of 2014, I introduced you to THE STORY OF FESTER CAT. See my review, HERE. Paul Magrs wrote of how Fester Cat came into his and his partner, Jeremy's lives. He shared of the uncanny way that Fester fit into their lives so seamlessly. When Fester died, they were lost and lonely. After struggling with how to introduce a new cat into their lives and weeks researching shelters, Bernard Socks was welcomed into their home. This is his story....or is it still Fester's?

Magrs still writes using Fester's voice like he did in THE STORY OF FESTER CAT, but this time, it is Fester as a cat ghost. Fester can stick around and keep an eye on his family because he is still loved and remembered. Once he is no longer remembered, he must leave and go on to the great cat beyond. So, Fester, even though he misses Paul and Jeremy and wants to continue to be their cat, knows that they need a new friend. He guides Bernard Socks into how to live with these gentlemen and how to live in a community of neighborhood cats.

Bernard Socks is nothing like Fester Cat, which at first is a bit frustrating to Paul, Jeremy, and even Fester Cat. But Bernard is much younger and energetic. Fester Cat shares his emotions while watching Bernard Socks lay in his favorite spots in the garden, or nuzzle up to Paul while sleeping. He shares about his first Midsummer Night, as a deceased cat,  outside with all his old cat friends. After a night of exploring, Bernard Socks has Paul, Jeremy, and the entire neighborhood up all night worrying about him and looking for him. Fester Cat decides to take it upon himself to impart some wisdom and eventually encouraging Bernard Socks to return home and settle in with "the boys".

After losing our original cats and getting a new kitten a year later, I identified with a lot of the feelings and insecurities of starting over with a new cat. Paul Magrs has a talent for writing and sharing true emotions from both the cat and human's point of view. I think Fester Cat would be proud.

Favorite Quote:

"The books Paul has represent time, more than anything. All the time already spent, the hours expanding and recoverable at any given moment. They also represent time to come, in the form of the books he hasn't got round to reading yet. They stand for hundreds of hours of perfect happiness. Hours lying more or less still and content, with a cat sprawled on top of you, of course."

Paul Magrs - source
Paul Magrs is the author of many books, written for all ages and in many different genres, including the Adventures of Brenda and Effie and numerous Doctor Who novels, radio plays, and short stories. However, this is his first foray into memoirs. He taught novel writing in the MA program in Creative Writing at UEA, and then at Manchester Metropolitan. Paul lives in Manchester, England, with his partner, Jeremy, and is now a full-time writer. 

Paul Magrs first shared the story of Fester through his blog and Facebook page and then Fester's story came to life through the book, THE STORY OF FESTER CAT. For more on Paul Magrs, check out his blog, HERE. You can also find him on Facebook, HERE and Twitter, HERE.  

To purchase a copy of THE STORY OF FESTER CAT, click the photo below:

To purchase a copy of WELCOME HOME, BERNARD SOCKS, click the photo below:

Thanks to the author for sending a copy of this book for the purpose of my review. This review is my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any way for this review. If you choose to purchase the books through the above links, I may receive a small commission without you having to pay a cent more for your purchase. Thanks for supporting 

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