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The HELLO series of books by Hannah Rogge are shaped board books that include a cardboard pop-out animal attached to strings. The series includes HELLO HONEYBEES, HELLO HUMMINGBIRD, and HELLO CLOWNFISH, available today.

Hello Hummingbird cover


Read and Play in the Tree!

By: Hannah Rogge

Illustrated by: Emily Dove

Published: May 2, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


Hummingbird season is here in Iowa and I’m ready for it. I set my feeder out this week with the hope that a few hummingbirds will find it and stick around for the summer.

In this interactive board book, kids will pop out the hummingbirds and fly them around on the pages. In fact, the first page asks readers to “fly around with me”. While having fun, kids will learn all about hummingbirds including how fast their wings flap, that they eat nectar, and where they build their nests.

Hello Hummingbird pagespread

Kids will be able to mimic the hummingbird’s actions by flying them in a figure eight while you read about it on the page. The illustrations show a hummingbird traveling through their day including visiting several flowers and stopping by their nest for a rest at night.

Hummingbirds are not featured very often in children’s books so this is another opportunity to teach your kids about a special bird. When you are done reading, the birds fit back into the spot on the book’s cover ready for the next time you want to read and play.

Hello Clownfish


Read and Play in the Coral Reef!

By: Hannah Rogge

Illustrated by: Emily Dove

Published: April 16, 2024

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


The newest edition to the Hello series includes a set of clownfish that travel through the Coral Reef. Pop out the two clownfish from the cover and swim them through the pages as you read.

Hello Clownfish pagespread

Besides a day in the life of a clownfish, kids will learn about other fish and sea creatures that live in the Coral Reef. Some of them are friends of the clownfish and some are not. Kids will also be encouraged to find other fish on the pages as they swim the clownfish to hide among the anemones or scare away a butterflyfish.

Vivid colors shine on the pages of this new board book and teach kids about life in the Coral Reef.

Hannah Rogge is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in industrial design and is an author of craft titles and journals. She is the creative director at ROBIE and lives in New York.

Emily Dove is an illustrator and author who lives in the Pacific Northwest. As a certified naturalist, she uses illustration as a tool to educate and inspire others about the natural world.

To purchase a copy of HELLO HUMMINGBIRD, click HERE.

To purchase a copy of HELLO CLOWNFISH, click HERE.

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