Today, Pat and I are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary. When you start out as a young married couple, your 25th anniversary seems so far away. But, as many people told me as a young bride, time flies when you are having fun and it sure does.

I shared HERE, several years ago, the story of how Pat and I met. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will always hold a special place in my heart because it brought us together. Then after finally meeting in person, we were married one year after we met, March 27, 1999.

We were engaged on August 1, 1998, at the Precious Moments Wedding Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. After touring the Precious Moments attraction, Pat popped the question in the center of the chapel and it was so romantic.

Our Wedding

On our wedding day, we were blessed with a gorgeous spring day in March. The sun was shining and a nice breeze was blowing. We chose our siblings, family, and friends to stand up with us. Pat even chose his sister, Julie, as his best person. That was unheard of then but made the day even more special. The day was such a blur, but also so much fun.

All of these men and women are so special to us and are still such a big part of our lives. I’m so thankful for their support during our marriage and for having them share in special moments with our family over the years.

I can’t say every bit of these last 25 years has been perfect, but I live by this quote that we have in our home, “A marriage is just two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.” We have made our marriage a priority, kept God at the center, and raised three amazing children that I grow more proud of every day.

Last weekend, we celebrated our anniversary in Florida and had the best little weekend getaway. We haven’t taken very many vacations with just the two of us, so it was such a treat to travel together and I look forward to many more trips in this new empty nest stage of our lives.

As happy as I was at this moment, walking down the aisle as the new Mrs. Gorkow, I had no idea what amazing things lay ahead for us. I’m so thankful that God brought us together, and that we have worked hard on our marriage, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 25 years!

Enjoy a few oldies but goodies from the last 25 years!

I love our life and our family!

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