Traveling to the Blue Oval

Image Credit – Traci Nolan Last week our son ran his toughest race ever and finished second in the 3200 meter at the State Qualifying Meet. He finished with a personal record best time of 10:02.70. Photo credit – The Gazette Today our family heads to Des Moines to watch Patrick along with several other…
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A Little Monday Inspiration

Run when you can,  walk if you have to,  crawl if you must;  just never give up.  Dean Karnazes, American Ultramarathon Runner This has been a good quote for me as I am participating in the Runner’s World RunStreak Challenge to complete 40 miles in 40 days. From Memorial Day to July 4th, runners just…
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Monday Motivation

For the last 7 days I’ve been participating in Runner’s World Run Streak. I have 7+ miles out of 40 marked off my calendar.  This weekend I walked my miles as a break for my calf that was tight and painful.  As long as I get my mile in, it doesn’t matter to me how…
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A Little Monday Inspiration

Life is often compared to a marathon,  but I think it is more like being a sprinter;  long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments  in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best.  Michael Johnson, 4-time Olympic Gold medalist in Track & Field Photo source – HERE My guess is…
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Book Review: Run Yourself Skinny By Michael Thomas

RUN YOURSELF SKINNY  Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting By: Michael Thomas Published:  December 21, 2012 Non-Fiction If you are like me and LOVE to eat, you have to find something that will combat those calories so they don’t end up on your waistline.  RUN YOURSELF SKINNY is for those who are looking at beginning a…
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Living and Active Week Three Check In

Running isn’t about how far you go but how far you’ve come.   Bart Yasso, author/marathon trainer/runner My week 3 check in fits in perfectly with the above quote.  When I first got my treadmill and started running, I really could only run for 30 seconds at a time.  I can now run for for…
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A Little Monday Inspiration and An Update

photo courtesy of “Progress is rarely a straight line.  There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead. “ Kara Goucher, American long-distance runner In the first 6 months of the year I have ran/walked a total of 64.72 miles.  I know to a great many…
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Book Review: Run Your Butt Off

RUN YOUR BUTT OFF A Breakthrough Plan to Lose Weight and Start Running By:  Sarah Lorge Butler, Leslie Bonci, and Budd Coates Published: March 15, 2011 **** Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off ONCE AND FOR ALL with Run YourButt Off!, a back-to-basics, test panel–approved weight-loss plan and beginners’ running program that yields sustainable, healthy…
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Stacie's read-in-2022 book montage

Master Your Core: A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to Injury
Hidden Figures
Personal Effects: What Recovering the Dead Teaches Me About Caring for the Living
Waiting for Tom Hanks
The Maid
The Other Black Girl
Anxious People
The Body
Great American Road Trips- National Parks: Discover insider tips, must see stops , nearby attractions  more
Apples Never Fall
Love & Saffron: A Novel of Friendship, Food, and Love
Love and Other Consolation Prizes
The Vanishing Half
How to Find Your Way Home
People We Meet on Vacation
Last Summer at the Golden Hotel
Dear Evan Hansen
The Unsinkable Greta James
The Road We Took

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